MediaPunch Signs A 10-Year Exclusive Deal With The Ralph Dominguez Collection

Innovative celebrity photo agency, MediaPunch, enters into a ten-year deal with The Ralph Dominguez Collection that chronicles his life journey and work as a photographer

MediaPunch has again reiterated their goal of bringing celebrities closer to their fans as the New York-based agency recently entered into a 10-year exclusive deal with Hollywood Photographer, Ralph Dominguez. The new deal will set the tone for the Ralph Dominguez Collection, digitizing images of the talented Hollywood celebrity photographer that spans over three decades. The recent feat is also a testament to MediaPunch’s increasing popularity and ever growing archival offering. 

Millions of people in different parts of the world often admire their fans and cherish knowing as many details about their life as possible. Unfortunately, there are only a few sources that offer such a privilege to fans, which is where MediaPunch has been of great help over the years. The agency recently signed a 10-year deal with Ralph Dominguez, making them the representative of the photographer’s diverse collection and giving it a new life and unprecedented exposure. 

Ralph Dominguez moved to Los Angeles to work in a photo lab. However, his ingenuity and creativity behind the lenses was triggered after honoring an invitation to a party in Hollywood by someone from the lab. Ralph rubbed shoulders with some of the top stars in Hollywood and was inspired to pursue a career as a Hollywood celebrity photographer. One life-changing night evolved into decades of taking “out of this world” photos of Hollywood stars. He has taken it a step further by allowing MediaPunch to digitize the over three decades of devoting his life to documenting the people that the public loved. 

The collection will feature the seemingly humble beginnings of Ralph and how he was able to build casual friendships with celebrities while according them the respect they deserve. The Ralph Dominguez Collection will also have the interesting stories about the images by Ralph even as MediaPunch work with the talented photographer and his family. MediaPunch allow Ralph to reach a wider and newer audience. 

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