HB’s Smart Blood City Network Lands in Brazil

As the largest country and economy in South America, Brazil grapples with significant challenges associated with an aging population. With rising economic prosperity, there’s a heightened emphasis on healthcare issues locally, resulting in annual growth in medical demands. Recognizing this trend towards medical smartification, Haier Biomedical has effectively implemented the Smart Blood City Network in Brazil. This integration with the blood bank system has substantially elevated the quality of medical services offered in the country.

Haier Biomedical has introduced the ‘One Network Collaboration’ Smart Blood City Network, prioritizing the safety and reliability of the blood supply. This innovative platform utilizes advanced IoT and other technologies to ensure complete traceability and supervision of the blood cold-chain process, from collection to transfusion. It serves as an intelligent solution for blood management services, establishing a proactive governance model for urban blood usage. By enhancing efficiency and responsiveness, it minimizes waiting times for emergency treatment, eliminates blood wastage, and enables seamless information transmission.

Blood stands as an indispensable resource in clinical medicine, yet remains irreplaceable by artificial means. Haier Biomedical’s Smart Blood City Network at the Rio Center Blood Bank offers robust assurance for blood safety, earning accolades from local medical authorities. Their endorsement extends to gradually adopting U-blood over traditional storage equipment.

As one of Brazil’s largest public blood banks, the Rio Center Blood Bank’s successful implementation of Haier Biomedical’s network sets a replicable precedent for approximately 7,000 hospitals nationwide. This model promotes efficient utilization of vital medical resources across Brazil.

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