Knowing how to maintain the compressor will allow AC power to operate efficiently throughout its life

The short answer is that the Auto AC compressor and refrigerant should last about 12-15 years. Knowing which key components and how to maintain the compressor will allow AC power to operate efficiently throughout its life.

Auto AC compressor

The AC compressor is the core of the air conditioner and is essential for eliminating heat in the air. The refrigerant chemicals enter the compressor in the form of cold gas, and the compressor squeezes it at a very high pressure, thereby heating the gas.

Then, the gas flows through the condensing coil and dissipates heat to the outside. It is the condensation of indoor humidity that creates a comfortable environment.

Car AC Compressor common problems

With proper maintenance, your AC compressor should be able to use for ten years, and there will be almost no problems, but if routine maintenance is not carried out, some problems may occur.

Lack of lubrication. Low lubricant content or leakage can cause inefficiency or malfunction.

System pollution. High temperature and pressure can introduce pollutants that are harmful to the system, such as air, humidity, dust, and acid.

Electrical problems. Unbalanced voltage or current may cause overheating and malfunction.

Low refrigerant amount. Leakage may result in insufficient refrigerant flow, which makes the compressor work harder, thereby shortening the life of the compressor.

Repair or replace?

The failure of the Auto AC compressor usually results in the replacement of the entire system. However, due to maintenance, the AC compressor has a long service life. Maintaining an AC compressor is very worthwhile because it is the most expensive component in replacement AC.

This means that if the above-mentioned problems cannot be solved, it may be more economical to purchase new air-conditioning equipment than to repair existing equipment.

What is a refrigerant?

Refrigerant is a chemical substance that transfers heat from the coil of the indoor furnace to the outdoor condensing unit. The manufacturer equips the AC equipment with the amount of refrigerant required for the entire service life.

The only time technicians need to add refrigerant is if they can find and repair the leak, or if the refrigerant line connecting the outdoor unit to the indoor coil is unusually long (over 50 feet).

Refrigerant leak

Bubbles or hissing noise near the refrigerant pipeline, ice on the refrigerant pipeline, high electricity bills, and hot air or hot air blowing from AC power may indicate refrigerant leakage. Do not try to refill refrigerant yourself, because it is an extremely dangerous material.

Instead, please contact a professional to find and fix the leak. Before refilling the refrigerant, the leak must be found and repaired, otherwise the problem will occur again. The refrigerant is in a closed-loop state and should never be lost unless it leaks.

If you want to learn more about how proper maintenance of compressors and refrigerants can help your AC last longer, please contact us immediately.


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