Rui Mi announced its entry into the British high-end department store – Harrods

Recently, after being praised by the authoritative British media “British Evening Standard”, the domestic high-end wireless vacuum cleaner brand Rui Mi announced its entry into the British high-end department store-Harrods.

High quality is the stepping stone

It is especially difficult for domestic brands to enter the rather discerning British market, and it is even more difficult for domestic brands to enter the world-class high-end luxury paradise Harrods. Harrods, with a history of more than 100 years, is the largest department store in Europe and the most prestigious department store in the world. Harrods specializes in high-end and luxury goods, where the world’s most high-end brands, the works of the best designers, and the most considerate services are gathered here. Harrods is a symbol of British luxury. It has a strong voice in the luxury industry. It is not only a shopping place favored by the upper class in the UK but also a world-renowned shopping paradise. At the beginning of this year, Harrods was selected as the winner of the 2020 Hurun Zhishang Premium. With its high quality, Reimi crossed the high threshold of world-class department stores and successfully settled in.

The domestic wireless vacuum cleaner brand Rui Mi, which has been in development for only five years, already has the hard-core strength to compete with Dyson. In fact, the rising star Rui Mi has always been at the forefront of the vacuum cleaner market. In product design, Reimi refuses to imitate Dyson’s heavy industrial design, and its original Nordic minimalist design stands out; in terms of performance, Reimi’s simpler black technology has always remained at the forefront of the industry; in terms of function, Reimi creates Based on the concept of the integrated suction and dragging of the wireless vacuum cleaner, for the pain points of vacuum cleaner dust pollution and exhaust emissions, the Ruimi health sterilization wireless vacuum cleaner came into being. It is equipped with an innovative crape myrtle sterilization system to realize the trinity of suction and drag removal. These are the core advantages that foreign brands such as Dyson do not possess.

User reputation is the only threshold

Geoff Johnson, sales director of Rimi UK, once said: “For a long time, the floor cleaning and care market has always been behind. Products in the wireless vacuum cleaner market have almost no aesthetic differentiation or smarter functions. The emergence of Rimi will change the status quo.” It is true. Recently, the local authoritative British media “British Standard Evening News” published a report called “12 Best Wireless Vacuum Cleaners in 2020”.In the analysis of the report, the Ruimi X20 was the only domestic vacuum cleaner to participate in the overseas professional evaluation In the summary analysis of the report, the “British Evening Standard” declared: In some respects, Dyson V11 is one of the excellent choices, but so far, Rui Mi X20 is more prominent. With its innovative features, from strong suction power and strong running time to convenience and simplicity, the advantages of all vacuum cleaners are perfectly reflected in the wireless vacuum cleaner of Ruimi X20, with eye-catching design and excellent all-round performance The combination of “British Evening News” recommends Rui Mi X20 as the best choice for wireless vacuum cleaners in 2020.

The Ruimi X20 wireless vacuum cleaner mentioned in the report is the flagship model of Ruimi 2019. The X20 is equipped with a 120,000 rpm Engine-X brushless motor, which can output 25000pa vacuum air pressure and form a strong suction power of up to 145 AW. Remi solves the battery life pain points of wireless vacuum cleaners. The BMS-X battery management system, replaceable 8-cell LG/Samsung power lithium battery, achieves up to 65 minutes of battery life. In addition, Ruimi X20 uses Air-X dust and gas separation technology, a six-fold filter system can filter allergens in the air, and the noise is as low as 72dB. Innovatively designed light-sensitive LED lights, magnetic charging and other designs have brought users a more user-friendly experience, and the Ruimi app has realized a more intelligent cleaning experience… The X20 wireless vacuum cleaner was published on YouTube, ins, and Facebook last year. , Twitter and other overseas social platforms have become popular, and have been repeatedly reported by authoritative media such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and other authoritative media. They have quickly accumulated word-of-mouth overseas and started the trend of “Rui Mifeng” vacuum cleaners made in China.

Define high luxury made in China

Many consumers have flocked to foreign luxury goods, but they are not satisfied with the domestic products made in China. Especially in the vacuum cleaner industry, many consumers bluntly said: The reason why they bought Dyson is entirely for the sake of Dyson.

The reason why Ruimi, a domestic brand, was able to enter the British high-end department store Harrods and became a popular domestic online celebrity abroad, is not qualitatively luxurious with high prices. As a domestic vacuum cleaner brand that has been established for only five years, Ruimi has established a natural connection with consumers in product experience and services. With higher-end technology and perfect user experience, customers can use Ruimi’s products. Feel happiness. Compared with the price, the high-end luxury enjoyment on the spiritual level of users is the ultimate pursuit of Rui Mi. Nowadays, Ruimi vacuum cleaners have been sold in 60 countries overseas. Relying on its insistence on technological innovation and the ultimate pursuit of user experience, Ruimi quickly opened up overseas markets and has continuously accumulated user reputation in overseas markets. It is defined by quality and service. The concept of high luxury made in China.

Today, Remi has successfully entered Harrods with its excellent product quality and user reputation, crossing the high threshold, and fiercely competing with its rival Dyson. For Reimi, the road to brand building for China’s higher-end wireless vacuum cleaners is long and long. The successful entry into Harrods represents that Reimi has become the endorsement of China’s high-end wireless vacuum cleaners and ingenious domestic products. The products and services that Reimi has always used to improve the quality of life and happiness of global users represent the continuous improvement of domestic brands and let the world see the power of “Made in China”.

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