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Kelln Solar in Regina

With spring just around the corner, and the days getting longer, there is no better time to invest in solar panels in Regina. The more sun the better. Solar panels are one of the most cost effective solutions for nearly all of your power needs. Kelln Solar is the perfect place to get all your information, have your questions answered, and start the process to installing this renewable, green resource into your home today. 

Services Kelln Provides

Kelln Solar is located in Regina, Saskatchewan and serves all surrounding areas, with solar panels for residential, commercial, and agricultural usages. The agricultural solar power solutions are designed for livestock producers across Saskatchewan, and are proven to work during any season. Commercial solar panels accommodate single phase and 3 phase power and can be mounted on a sloped or flat roof, or on the ground. Kelln Solar’s residential solution is a grid tie system, where the power produced by the solar panel modules is converted into AC power. 

Why Solar Energy?

Choosing solar energy is a perfect way to lower your carbon footprint; green energy is the new rage, but it is also a great way to look out for the future of our planet and reduce our impact. Solar is also a renewable energy source, the sun always presents, even on the cloudiest days, and the sun is available anywhere. No matter what the circumstance, if there is a sunny spot nearby, solar panels can be installed. Even with all these benefits, solar energy stays relatively affordable. 

Where are They Located?

Kelln Solar is Regina’s premier destination for all things solar power. Their team is experienced at installation and maintenance, and can help you navigate all the aspects of solar panels. If you want to get into contact with the team at Kelln Solar, call 306-731-2224, or email You can also drop in to see them at 50 James St. N, Lumsden, SK.

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