Jamaican vocalist explains Darwin’s theory through song

What happens when the oppressed become the oppressor, and the oppressor becomes oppressed? Jamaican vocalist Navardo’s recently released single suggests the mechanics of modern racism and provides a fresh new perspective.

“The Tale of the Pale Ape” is the product of collaboration between R.B.Graber, a lyricist and producer from the SF Bay Area, and Navardo, a talented vocalist and songwriter from Jamaica.

Tale of the Pale Ape ft. Navardo” is a song gathered from theories of evolution where history illustrates the black men at the top of food-chain for a long time.  It states that some serious incident must have happened that left an imprint on the generations to come and led to contemporary racism. The emotion underlying a proud white man is fear. And it is deep like mixed-in-the-marrow deep “Are we now living in pay-back time?  I believe that an apology may be in order”, states Navardo.

Talking about this latest project, producer R.B. further adds, “I am from bi-racial parents. I studied deep history in school and co-wrote a book about Aztec/Mayans. Having studied mechanics  (the science of cause and effect), my dark side would get into arguments with my pale side. It is when I realized that the dark men had treated pale men badly. A cataclysm around 1500 years ago changed everything. The table turned.  Things flipped.  So, it has been retribution time ever since. But, it is a temporary situation, the table always turns.”

This breakthrough song gives a message that the best way to overcome injustice is to be more tolerant and comprehensive. What happened in the past should stay in the past. White men should accept the apology of the black men and move on, while the black men should stop blaming others and understand that it’s not personal.

Being from an inter-racial family, R.B. only became aware of the underlying bigotry as a teenager. He went through a phase of internal conflict, trying to find his way through the haze of the times. After studying and understanding black history more deeply, he came up with the idea of the song to extend this perspective to more people.

R.B. &Navardo’s latest single is available on Apple Music.

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