Invisalign Maspeth, Queens, NY, Expert in a New Interview

Invisalign Maspeth, Queens, NY, Expert in a New Interview

Dr. Alexandra Khaimov has advanced technology at her Maspeth, NY, office Grand Smile Dental.
Dr. Khaimov, who practices dentistry in Maspeth, NY, has been focusing on high-quality oral care for her patients. She is a proponent of Invisalign’s invisible braces and states that her patients are particularly excited by the fact that the braces are more comfortable and hygienic than traditional metal braces, not to mention the fact that they are not visible.

“Invisalign’s Superior Technology Braces Are Better for Your Teeth than Traditional Braces,” says Dr. Alexandra Khaimov, dentist from Maspeth, NY.

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Invisalign’s effectiveness is supported by clinical studies, including one by BMC Oral Health, which attempted to gauge how satisfied patients were when getting metal braces versus when they got Invisalign treatment. The results of the study showed that patients who were treated using Invisalign had better dental health by the end of their treatment. They also had higher satisfaction rates with the treatment, as a result of the convenience and comfort of this method.

“One of the biggest concerns that our patients have is people noticing that they have braces on. It makes them feel self-conscious.” says Dr. Khaimov. She adds that patients are also pleased by the fact that they don’t have to work too hard to keep their braces clean because they can brush and clean normally as they would without braces.

The process of getting your teeth aligned using Invisalign starts with getting an impression of your teeth which precedes the creation of aligners. These aligners are made using thermoplastic material which is flexible and undetectable on your teeth. This is just one of the advantages. The other advantage is that they are comfortable. As time passes and your teeth get more aligned, you can move from one aligner to the next until the whole process of aligning your teeth is complete.

Invisalign’s popularity has grown far beyond Maspeth, NY and this is a testament to how comfortable and convenient the braces are.

Traditional braces have several effects like pain, forced teeth extractions, and food residue in your teeth after meals. All these are things of the past with Invisalign. Invisalign braces are clear, light-weight, and do not interrupt your normal way of life. Dr. Khaimov promises that one of the biggest advantages of using Invisalign is that as you use this pain-free method, your teeth will begin to align giving you a more confident smile than you have had before.

Through her dental clinic, Grand Smile Dental, Dr. Khaimov has built a name for herself in NY. Her strategy is having a genuine concern and a listening ear to the problems and lifestyle of her patients. This way, she can customize their treatment plans better. It is this genuine concern that drives her involvement in community programs such as free dental checkups at specific times of the year, charity events, and food drives. This goodwill has attracted national news organizations such as ABC and FOX.

Through her practice, Grand Smile Dental, Dr. Khaimov has been able to enhance the dental health of patients from Maspeth, NY and Middle Village, Woodside and around Queens.

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