Introducing Blox Amsterdam, a collection of 1000 NFTs relying on the Ethereum Blockchain, focusing on 3D Metaverse home building

Blox Amsterdam is delighted to announce the launch of a collection of 1000 NFTs relying on the Ethereum blockchain, focusing on 3D metaverse home building. Powered by WOOW Digital Marketing, an Amsterdam-based yet international independent strategic and creative digital marketing and production agency, Blox Amsterdam is on a digital mission to bring Amsterdam to the Metaverse.

The world was still getting used to having cryptocurrency around, only for it to get hit with NFTs unplanned. The blockchain news started buzzing with news of millions being raked from the sale of NFTs.

NFTs are undoubtedly having a moment. They are the new form of art investment with creators of NFT art, including artists, gamers and brands across the spectrum of culture. They are so valuable that the most expensive NFT ever sold for hundred millions of dollars, at least on paper, and it’s not the only successful case with many more artists making headlines; the market is proving to be a growing opportunity.

NFTs are making people rich, especially collectors who can mint the art pieces at excellent prices and Blox Amsterdam, with its collection of 1,000 unique NFTs is poised to follow this trend.

With its NFT Metahomes, Blox Amsterdam is set to project the artistic heritage, beautiful houses, and lovely culture of Amsterdam to the world. ”We aim to develop Amsterdam Metahomes on various communities, starting with the Decentraland and expanding our presence to other real estate experiences. It will be an immersive world for every user to enjoy Amsterdam mindset on the Metaverse” remarked Sercan, a co-founder of the project.

There are 8 districts in Blox Amsterdam with 32 different type of properties that differ from each other separated into 1000 cards. All of them are valuable and some has factors that influence value of the house like in ‘real’ life. This value defines the amount of utility token to accumulate for Blox Amsterdam hodlers.

100% earnings from royalty fees gets accumulated back in the community wallet, and this is very crucial for a sustainable future of a project.

A minting date will soon be announced. For now, there are 1000 NFTs. 98% of the total supply will be allocated to market while Blox Amsterdam will  hold 2% for team and marketing purposes. There will be occasional buybacks with community wallet.

To put into proper perspective the rise of NFTs, an investment of $45 in CryptoPunks NFT in 2017 would have resulted in a whopping $2,009,680 ROI in 2021. For this project, one thing is certain, with the acumen and insight of WOOW Digital Marketing, the Blox Amsterdam NFTs will undoubtedly be a smart investment choice for every NFT collector and crypto enthusiast out there.

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