Ziglerconstruct wins $30,000,000 contract to drill for Kuwait petroleum service in Iraq

Iraq is one of the largest producers of oil & gas for OPEC. Ziglerconstruct being a sophisticated company based in Kuwait and is operated by Kuwait petroleum service, have been awarded a whopping $30,000,000 contract to add to the current quantities of oil produced in Iraq.


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The contract involves the drilling of six wells in Iraq and storage construction. The exact location where the wells will be sunk has not been stated clearly, however, Iraq has one of the world’s largest oil reserves, the question changes from where to how long and even how many barrels per day are they expected to produce.

Ziglerconstruct is not a new company, but rather, has been operating in many oil fields. In particular, Ziglerconstruct has had much experience in both the US fields as well as the Middle East. Currently, Ziglerconstruct has an operating headquarter in the US and this has been pegged on the criteria that most of their achievements and operations have been within the US including the well drilling, fabrication, and oil & gas recovery.

The Iraqi government majorly draws its revenues from exports and this has often been underpinned by the petroleum products both refined and unrefined quantities. Oil & gas reserves have often been allocated majorly to serve the Iraqi people, however, with the rising demands in the sector following the prevailing crises, the need to increase the quantities recovered has risen and other entities from foreign countries have been considered to facilitate the production.

Ziglerconstruct has been of great use in the Middle East, most of the companies have had their services including supply and installation of rebar, supply of concrete reinforcement solutions, tank forms, oil storage tanks, cryogenic plants, fractionators plants, pump stations, booster stations, metering stations, and even compressor stations. This is an extension of the services they provide within the US.

Ziglerconstruct is the best fit for the contract since they have handled both the Middle East and the US. Besides, they are a chief fabricator, meaning, they are capable of installing a robust system that can sustain adverse operating conditions such as corrosion, unprecedented loads on the wells, tanks, and pipelines, as well as determine their lifespan and offer replacement to all the operating parts within the system.

Currently, Ziglerconstruct has been working on how to secure bids in the Middle East and the US at large, they have so far been identified by OPEC’s directors as one of the most competent companies who will immensely reshape the oil recovery sector. Firstly, Ziglerconstruct fabricates and supplies superior components, additionally, they offer maintenance and replacement services under one roof with limited subcontracts.

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