Lambo BSC Token (BEP-20) – LAMBORGHINI Crypto Fan Token

Lambo BSC Token (BEP-20) - LAMBORGHINI Crypto Fan Token

Lambo – Slang for the type of car that many crypto enthusiasts aspire to buy when their digital assets “moon” — or rise in value substantially. (

The Lambo BSC token was explicitly designed to be a community-driven, ownership-renounced token, with the ultimate goal to help investors financially. The coin was created with Lamborghini fans in mind, but is intended for everyone who loves cars.‚Äč

Anyone can join the Lambo community, with the provision that their behavior reflects the community spirit of kindness, transparency and philanthropy. The token is entirely community-driven, and was designed to be a community commodity for goodness.

Our pledge is to conduct all transactions publicly, honestly, and with the intent to allow this cryptocurrency to behave as it should in the wild. In an environment free of the fear of rug-pulls, liquidity theft or “pumping and dumping.” this token can progress as far as the coummunity that supports it and Lambo’s smart contract was audited by well known auditor – RD Auditors.

The Lambo BSC token was listed on TokPie CEX (Top 100 CEX Ranking on CoinGecko with More Than $150m Daily Trading Volume) on April 23, 2022 at 1400UTC and plan to list on more CEX in future.

The Lambo BSC token has appointed @WorldWideCarsTM as Ambassador, who is followed by the official twitter @Lamborghini.

Smart Contract BSC: 0x537a7e796a3c212ff82d4b4790973ed5ae288bc0





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