Hummingbird Growth & Automation selected as top linked in automation company amongst other strong tools.

Hummingbird Growth & Automation selected as top linked in automation company amongst other strong tools.

January 22, 2021 – Finding the right prospect and building a relationship with each of them, individually, can be a huge task. The heavy lifting can however be left to these three LinkedIn Automation Tools that are making life easier for marketing teams.

Digital marketing has become a top priority with most of the world taking recourse to the internet. For marketing teams, the job has become even more humongous, with loads of users, and the challenging task of finding leads that are good for conversion. LinkedIn today has over 700 million professional users and is counted among the most trusted places for lead generation and to engage with the right audience. But which are the top automated tools that one can deploy on LinkedIn?

For those who want to use LinkedIn as an essential social media tool for promotions, brand awareness or to find the next great client, here are the top three essential automation tools that do the hard and smart work.

1. Hummingbird Growth & Automation

Hummingbird Growth & Automation is clearly the winner among all the current automation tools. This strong tool can book meetings with the ideal connections and even utilizes another great tool, the Sales Navigator. The AI-powered tool can use the lists generated by the Sales Navigator and engage the chosen audience in a meaningful way. When the prospects respond, the business can take over and set the meeting.

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2. Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup is a smart choice for those looking to manage their online prospects. The tool comes as a Chrome extension and can connect like a real person with the LinkedIn audience. Dux-Soup is smartly automated and knows how to like and follow automatically, and it can even go and endorse the user’s skills or send personalized images. Dux-Soup is also trained to find new clients or send an InMail just in case they are out of the network. Another great feature is the recording of engagements and then taking action appropriately. Dux-Soup is good for campaigns as it can create relevant target groups, which helps to increase conversion rates.

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Linked Helper is a great choice for a personal assistant on LinkedIn. The tool is trained to like, comment, connect, or join an audience. The tool can work with Recruiter and Sales Navigator, and has been programmed to network with 2/3 tier connections, and for engagement with 1 tier connections.

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3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Finally, another effective tool is LinkedIn Sales Navigator directly offered by LinkedIn. The tool has been trained for engaging meaningfully with buyers and sellers. With a clear focus on sales, this will be a great addition to any sales campaign, as it can do management and analysis. The tool is also able to find new prospects, and inspire them to make a buy decision. The Navigator is also good for selecting a good target audience or a service.

Any marketing or sales team will do well to incorporate some or all of these LinkedIn automation tools. From identifying prospects to lead generation, engaging with individuals, and analyzing sales, these tools leave not much to the imagination. The clear winner is of course Hummingbird Growth & Automation, as it has proven its effectiveness and delivers great value for money, good ROI in terms of lead generation, and more.

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