HLYC Announces Record Revenue Of $2 Million In The First Half Of 2019

Guangdong Hualongyicheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is among the globally leading manufacturers that focus on the production, sales, R&D of new PVC additives, including Environmentally Friendly Stabilizer, PVC Processing Aids, PVC Impact Modifier, Foaming Agent, PVC Foaming Regulator, PE Wax, CPE, etc. Today, Hualongyicheng New Material Technology reported total sales of $2 million for the first half of this year. This is a 43% percent revenue increase in local currency over the same time of last year.


“The first half of this year was exceptional for Hualongyicheng New Material Technology as we continued to deliver a measurable impact for clients, our people, and society. These results reflect Hualongyicheng New Material Technology’s unrelenting commitment to serving clients with quality and distinction,” says Jack Jing, CEO of the company. “Over the past 6 months, we have increased strategic investments in the capabilities and PVC additives most sought-after by clients in the world. We also have expanded our efforts and investments to drive innovation while achieving strong financial results.”

Hualongyicheng New Material Technology’s strategy and “Material with Service” business model continued to drive success globally in the first half of this year. All PVC additive areas, especially Environmentally Friendly Stabilizer, PVC Impact Modifier and Clear PVC Formula Compound, grew during this time.

In addition, Hualongyicheng New Material Technology increased its workforce to approximately 150 professionals, a 20 percent increase over last year. The company is focused on equipping its people with new capabilities that will enable them to be more tech savvy and future-ready. This, in turn, will allow Hualongyicheng New Material Technology to help clients capitalize on these revolutionary PVC related innovations.

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