HPMC Is A Widely Used Pharmaceutical Polymer Material with Excellent Performance

HPMC capsule, a favorite among vegetarians. Our HPMC vegan hard  empty capsule are manufactured from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, The cellulose used to manufacture HPMC capsules is derived from trees, inert and free from animal source related issues. which makes these capsules vegan, natural, healthy and attractive. Our HPMC capsule are odorless and tasteless, easy to swallow and easily dissolvable.

What is HPMC capsule?

Hypromellose (HPMC) is a cellulose derivative that has been used in food and pharmaceuticals for more than 40 years. It is a widely used pharmaceutical polymer material with excellent performance. In pharmaceuticals, it has been widely used as thickener, film coating agent, pore-forming material for sustained-release preparations, hydrophilic gelling agent, and also as solid dispersant material to improve the stability of drugs and the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs degree, etc.The cellulose used to manufacture HPMC capsules is derived from trees, inert and free from animal source related issues. Low moisture content, ideal for moisture sensitive and liquid formulations.


Production flow of Our HPMC Capsule

Our HPMC capsule is produced according to the strictest GMP standard. We provides safe, reliable and high-quality HPMC capsules for more than 3000 pharmaceuticals, health products and cosmetics at home and abroad.


Benefits of Our HPMC Capsule

It’s our mission to protect your brand and reputation, our HPMC Capsule is derived from 100% plant raw materials


1.Natural & Health: Made From plant, Certified by Non-GMO, Halal Kosher and Vegsoc, GMP standard

2.Safety: No pesticide residues; No carcinogenic residue; No chemical additives; No virus risk; No cross-linking reaction

3.Appearance & Taste: Better thermal stability, Better taste, natural cassava sweetness Natural plant fragrance

4.Embrace Vegetarian Era: A compatibility with a broader range of fill excipients, enhancing bioavailability and stability

5.Quick Qelease After Ingestion:within 15 mins


Quality Control

Perform proactive and retrospective assess, control, communication and  audit on the risks in the whole product life cycle in an attempt to better control and reduce the risk and safeguard the drug safety. The most advanced devices and instruments are equipped in quality control lab to make precise test and inspection.


Reliable Empty Capsule Packing details


Storage precautions

1. Keep the Inventory temperature at 10 to 25 ℃; Relative humidity remains at 35-65%. 5 Years storage guarantee.

2. The capsules are supposed to be kept in clean, dry and ventilated warehouse, and are not allowed to be exposed to strong sunlight or humid environment. Besides, as they are too light to be fragile, the heavy cargo should not pile up

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