Characteristics And Working Principle Of Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Motor

Working Principle of Permanent Magnet Motor

The permanent magnet motor realizes power delivery based on circular rotating magnetic potential energy, and adopts NdFeB sintered permanent magnet material with high magnetic energy level and high endowment coercivity to establish the magnetic field, which has the function of energy storage. The permanent magnet motor has a simple structure, with internal components such as core and windings, which together realize the support of the stator core. The rotor consists of bracket and rotor shaft, etc. Its permanent magnet adopts built-in structure to prevent damage to the permanent magnet by centrifugal force, environmental corrosion and other unfavorable factors, and it mainly relies on the action of magnetic field to realize energy conversion during operation. When the current input from the stator passes through the motor, the winding will then form a magnetic field, providing magnetic energy, and the rotor rotates. Installing the corresponding permanent magnet device on the rotor, the rotor continues to rotate under the interaction between the magnetic poles, and the rotational force will no longer increase when the rotational speed is synchronized with the speed of the magnetic poles.


Characteristics of permanent magnet direct drive motors

Simple structure

The permanent magnet direct drive motor is directly connected with the driving drum, eliminating the reducer and coupling, simplifying the transmission system, realizing “slimming down” and improving the transmission efficiency.

Safe and Reliable

The advantages of permanent magnet direct-drive motor are mainly reflected in the slow rated speed, generally lower than 90 r/min, only about 7% of the speed of traditional three-phase asynchronous motor, low-speed operation prolongs the service life of motor bearings. The stator insulation of permanent magnet direct drive motor adopts double process, based on VPI vacuum pressure dipping paint insulation process, and then adopts epoxy resin vacuum potting process, which improves the stator insulation and reduces the failure rate.

long service life

Compared with traditional asynchronous motors, permanent magnet direct drive motors have a long life. During the operation of permanent magnet direct-drive motor, the magnetic energy is converted into kinetic energy to drive the belt conveyor, with low material loss, low internal resistance, reduced useless power consumed due to heat generation, and the demagnetization rate of its permanent magnet is less than 1% every 10 years. Therefore, the permanent magnet direct-drive motor has low loss in daily operation and extended service life, which can be more than 20 years.

High torque

Permanent magnet direct drive motor adopts open-loop synchronous vector control mode, which has excellent constant torque speed regulation performance, can run for a long time within the rated speed range and output rated torque, and at the same time, it has 2.0 times overload torque and 2.2 times starting torque. The technicians can apply the speed control function to realize the soft start of heavy load under various load conditions to avoid production interruption, with flexible and reliable enrichment factor.


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