Characteristics And Applications Of Mid-wave Infrared Lenses

In nature, all substances with temperatures higher than absolute zero will radiate infrared light, and mid-wave infrared propagates in the air according to the nature of its infrared radiation window, the atmospheric transmittance can be as high as 80% to 85%, so mid-wave infrared is relatively easy to be captured and analyzed by specific infrared thermal imaging equipment.

1、Characteristics of mid-wave infrared lenses

The optical lens is an important part of the infrared thermal imaging equipment. As a lens used in the mid-wave infrared spectrum range, the mid-wave infrared lens generally works in the 3~5 micron band, and its characteristics are also obvious:

1) Good penetration and adaptable to complex environments

Mid-wave infrared lenses can efficiently transmit mid-wave infrared light and have high transmittance. At the same time, it has less impact on atmospheric humidity and sediment, and can achieve better imaging results in atmospheric pollution or complex environments.

2) With high resolution and clear imaging

The mirror quality and shape control of the mid-wave infrared lens are very high, with high spatial resolution and image quality. It can produce clear and accurate imaging and is suitable for application scenarios that require clear details.


Mid-wave infrared lens imaging example

3) The transmission efficiency is higher

The mid-wave infrared lens can efficiently collect and transmit mid-wave infrared radiation energy, providing high signal-to-noise ratio and high detection sensitivity.

4) Easy to manufacture and process, saving cost

The materials used in mid-wave infrared lenses are relatively common, generally amorphous silicon, quartz, etc., which are easier to process and manufacture, and are relatively low-cost.

5) Stable performance and relatively high temperature resistance

Mid-wave infrared lenses can maintain stable optical performance at relatively high temperatures. As a result, they are generally able to withstand high temperature fluctuations without significant deformation or distortion.

2、Application of mid-wave infrared optical lenses

Mid-wave infrared lenses have a wide range of application scenarios and are used in many fields. Here are some common application fields:

1) Security monitoring field

Mid-wave infrared lenses can monitor and monitor spaces at night or under low-light conditions, and can be used in urban security, traffic monitoring, park monitoring and other scenarios.


Industrial applications of mid-wave infrared lenses

2) Industrial testing field

Mid-wave infrared lenses can detect the heat distribution, surface temperature and other information of objects, and are widely used in industrial control, non-destructive testing, equipment maintenance and other fields.

3) Thermal imaging field

Mid-wave infrared lenses can capture the thermal radiation of target objects and convert it into visible images. They are widely used in military reconnaissance, border patrol, fire rescue and other fields.

4) Medical diagnostic field

Mid-wave infrared lenses can be used for medical infrared imaging to help doctors observe and diagnose patients’ tissue lesions, body temperature distribution, etc., and provide auxiliary information for medical imaging.

Final Thoughts

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