How to solve the color cast problem caused by the printer?

In daily operation of digital printers, people often encounter some problems. Today I will tell people how to solve the problem of color cast caused by digital printers.

Solve the problem

The following points are the reasons why digital printing causes color casts that Colorido has encountered and summarized.

digital printing

There will be different differences among different models.

Take our sock printer as an example. Colorido has four models, co-80-1200/co-80-210pro/co-80-1200pro/co-80-500pro. Due to the different hardware of these four models, the color of the printed products will also have a slight deviation (but this deviation is relatively small and can be within the acceptable range)

Ink selection

Inks from different ink manufacturers have different curves, and the relative color gamut is also different, so the colors printed using different inks are also different (Colorido recommend that do not change the ink  use for our customers. If there is a problem, people will also Good help to solve)


The size of the ink dots on the nozzle

The ink dots of the nozzle can be divided into three modes: large, medium and small. The smaller the dots, the finer the image printed, and the larger the dots, the rougher the pattern printed.


Differences in rip software

Our company initially used PP software, but later switched to the latest version of NS. The colors printed by NS are still very obvious. The colors printed by NS are cleaner and the level of detail is more obvious.


Height of nozzle

The distance between the nozzle and the printed product. The closer the distance, the better the printed colors and the richer the details. The farther the distance, the more it may cause ink to fly and the pattern to be printed out into a blur.

printing head

ICC Profile

Our products have different  icc profile for different materials. For example, Colorido has specially targeted curves for cotton socks, polyester socks, and nylon socks. If the wrong icc profile is used, the color deviation of the printed product will be very large.



When drawing, check whether to check the curve when exporting the picture using PS. If there is no check mark, the color of the printed product will also have a certain deviation. So make it a habit and remember this operation.

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