What kind of open-ending blank socks is suitable for print socks?

As far as the current market, Colorido can see that the print socks with nice looking design and bright color tone, but the toe part and heel part are always in one color—black. Why? That is because during the printing process, even if the black color is stained with any color of ink, there will be no obvious imprints. So, for the purpose to compromise the whole outlook of the print socks good looking, the socks toe and heel are all keeping black color, for convenient operation as well.

With the development and continuously keeping expand of the of print socks market, customer demands are increasing day by day. Many customers don’t want their DIY socks to remain the same in terms of sock toe design. They began to ask for colored toes and heels, or the complete colors and patterns design present for toes and heel part as well. Therefore, in order to meet the requests of customers, the open-ending blank socks comes for the market. With the toe part unsewn, keep opening when printing, to ensure the design of patterns would be completely printed from toe part through the heel part till the end, so the whole designs would be represented on the full socks without any color break.

Then, what special requirement for the open-ending blank socks?

An extra toe part is needed, and in this extra part of the toe, a 0.5cm-high elastic and must be added during knitting. And the total height of extra toe part is around 3cm max. This makes it easier to put the socks onto the roller and the elastic structure added is to ensure the sock would be fixed onto the roller, once the roller is set up for printing onto the socks printer, socks would not be moved then.

open socks

The yarn at the extra toe part must be soft and medium thickness, for the purpose to hold the whole socks could be fixed to the roller. While, it could not be stiff, to standing out to impact the roller fixation for the socks printer later on when printing. Otherwise, it might impact the final printing outlook due the connection of the roller with socks printer has too much socks fibers leaving in between, cause the fixation is not stable.

blue open socks

One of the most important parts is the heel part knitting for the blank socks. The shape of the heel part could not be left with large space and shape. This requests experienced technicians to manage it, to ensue during printing, once the socks put onto the roller, the heel part shape would not be just standing there, leaving large volume between the roller, this would impact the printing effect of the pattern on the heel with uneven color, or there may be some shadow which is folded inside and could not print color on.

purple open socks

All in one, above 3 points are the most important aspects for the open-ending blank socks which is suitable for the print socks.

Hope these tips helps.

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