What is the best socks printing machine and What business is socks printer mainly targeting?

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Ningbo Haishu Colorido specializes in providing customized wide-format printing solutions. Considering different product needs and market location differences, Colorido strive the best customized solutions from planning and design till equipment installation and technical support after sale.

What business is socks printer mainly targeting ?

The global apparel market is showing an irreversible trend of segmentation and consumers are increasingly demanding personalization of their apparel. Today’s socks are no longer just simple objects to wear, they are largely endowed with special meaning. For example, people can customize a batch of socks with special meaning patterns and give them to their friends, children or family members during holidays to convey their deep love to their families through these socks.

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In addition, modern society is increasingly demanding color, with 4- or 8-color configurations allowing the printed socks to have a richer color palette than traditional looms. However, due to the special characteristics of these socks, the data required is not in large quantities, but in small and diverse quantities. The sock printer was developed to meet this need.

Thus, the target market for sock printers is precisely for personalized and customized products. Colorido is committed to providing consumers with customized printing solutions that give everyone the opportunity to create unique socks based on their preferences and emotional needs. Whether it is to express love for a loved one or to showcase one’s unique taste, sock printers will be one of the best choices for those wishing to engage in a customization business.

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The CO-80-210Pro socks printer uses a four-roller rotating printing mode, which is biggest difference from previous generation of socks printer, that not necessary to remove the rollers from the sock’s printer anymore.

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CO-80-1200PRO socks printer is the 2nd generation upgraded version of the 360-degree rotating sock printer. The print head and RIP software of this machine have been upgraded, which improves the performance and color accuracy a lot for the printer during printing.

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The socks printing machine is the high-tech digital printing technology, which is specially designed for socks manufacturing industry to print customized socks according to customer’s requests.

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