How to prevent the car mat from sliding in the process of driving

Some owners buy lighter car floor MATS that can collide or skid when they drive, making car parts such as brakes, gas pedals, and clutches unstable. take a look at why the floor MATS slip.

There are data showing that part of the traffic accidents occurred because the automobile floor mat stuck, which caused the clutch to get stuck, leading to brake failure. Therefore, in order to drive safely and the responsibility of the driver, must pay attention to the safety of the car floor mat and skid resistance.

In general, there are three reasons why a car’s floor mat moves or slides.

First, the weight of the car footpad is light, poor weight sense, easy to cause sliding. Second, the quality of the automobile floor MATS is not qualified, the friction force is not strong, the vibration of the car has a great impact. Third, the size of the car floor mat is not consistent with the model, so it can not be 100% perfect fit.

After understanding the cause of the skidding of the automobile car floor mat, therefore, the automobile floor mat should be fixed with a non-slip buckle to increase its stability.

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