How to choose the thickness of the car floor mat?

Choosing the thickness of the car floor mat:

Now almost all families have a car, and car maintenance has become a part of daily life. To keep the car clean, the owner will buy a variety of car parts, such as car floor MATS. But the thickness of the car foot pad varies, so how to choose the appropriate thickness of the car floor mat?


Car foot pads come in different thicknesses and thicknesses. There is no doubt that thin and wear-resistant car MATS are more popular. But most cars have thicker cushions, which adds to the overall weight of the vehicle. Therefore, a thin and wear-resistant car seat is the best choice

As most cars are black and white, so are most of the cars MATS.

The above is Shaoxing Huawo Auto parts Co., LTD.’s introduction to the selection of the relevant thickness of automobile floor MATS, hoping to be helpful to the owners who are choosing automobile floor MATS.

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