What is Hydraulic oil pressure and hydraulic fluid flow

1. What is Hydraulic oil pressure:

People are living under atmospheric pressure, which is about 1bar. The air on which people depend is protected by atmospheric pressure.

When a submarine dives into the water, it will be under the enormous pressure of water and atmosphere at the same time, so it is impossible to dive into the deep sea indefinitely.

In the hydraulic system, the hydraulic pressure causes the actuator to produce the corresponding force, so as to achieve the corresponding purpose. In the pump truck, the main cylinder on the pump truck must provide a certain hydraulic pressure in order to transport concrete from the ground to a certain height.

2. What is the hydraulic fluid flow:

In daily life, when touching the faucet at different angles, the amount of water flowing out at the same time is different, that is to say, the greater the Angle, the greater the water flow.

In a hydraulic system, the flow of hydraulic oil determines the speed of the system. On a pump truck, for example, it is common to increase the displacement of water to increase the number of pumps, so that more concrete can be pumped in a given time.

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