Garage Sale Soft Is Sponsoring Its First Giving Weekend To Support Local Schools

Donating proceeds from unwanted items to local schools

Garage Sale Soft LLC has announced that it is sponsoring its first-ever Giving Weekend scheduled to be launched on the 30th of April, 2022, through the platform. To participate in the Giving Weekend, interested participants are required to sell unwanted items through the platform and donate the proceeds to their preferred local schools. Sellers have the option to set up their favorite school or charity through the platform and have a portion of each sale directly sent to the school or charity.  The campaign to support schools’ K-12 education starts May 13th through May 16th. 

For over a year, the company has been organizing the Giving Weekend, allowing people to sell their unwanted items and donate a portion of their proceeds to any cause of their choice. The Giving Weekend is sponsored by, an online e-commerce website and mobile app that connects buyers to sellers, facilitating the efficient sales of goods. One of the platform’s core motives is to allow users to make donations from each transaction to any charity using the Touchless Cash Register. This unique feature makes the company stand out from other charity organizations across the globe.

Founded by Blenda Campbell, Garage Sale Soft LLC prides itself on its ability to allow people to advertise and promote their garage sales to a large, heterogeneous group of people willing to buy. It uses cutting-edge technology to provide an all-in-one e-commerce Garage Sale solution with a wide variety of secure mobile payment options. Highly prioritizing children’s education and causes, the company is looking to bring new life and energy to giving through selling unwanted items. With all of these achievements, the company will not rest on its laurels, as it will stop at nothing to ensure that more schools are helped and more children receive the best quality education.

“We are about to launch our first Giving Weekend in May 2022, and I want the focus to be on Schools and Teachers. would love to partner up with you and see how much we can raise to benefit Schools. This year, we are spearheading a Giving Weekend dedicated to schools in all local areas. We know that schools always have needs and wants that tax dollars do not cover. You can designate which schools or programs you would like to focus on just by adding them to your account. Then, as you or your group processes a transaction, a portion of the sale can be instantly and automatically sent to your school. Every month, we will be sponsoring a different cause on the platform,” said Blenda Campbell, the founder, and editor-in-chief of Garage Sale Soft LLC.

The campaign to support schools’ K-12 education starts May 13th through May 16th. 

Watch Blenda Campbell, CEO of Garage Sale Soft discuss the upcoming Giving Weekend:

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