Free Leveling 3D Printer Magician X for Animation Figures Printing

With the popularity of GARAGE KIT (GK) in the Internet environment, many people have their favorite cartoon images, and they are eager to have their own cartoon figure models.

At present, the price for GARAGE KIT (GK) on the market range from tens of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. So not everyone can afford it. As a result, in this environment, 3D printed animation figures have become popular. In the Comic Exhibitions in recent years, attentive friends may have discovered that many animation game models and props at the exhibitions have been completed through 3D printing, and 3D printing has made more and more contributions in the field of model figures. Many film and television props, animation game models, and peripherals will choose 3D printing to achieve.

With 3D drawings, animation figures enthusiasts can create and modify their own 3D drawings to achieve personalized customization.

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The long-awaited Magician X is finally released now. It is already available for purchase at the MINGDA Official Store. In addition to 230x230x260mm Magician X, MINGDA also released other two large models: 320x320x400mm Magician Max and 400x400x400mm Magician Pro.


MINGDA’s newest 3D printer Magician X, even if the user is a novice, it’s no problem for the users. Because it has the free leveling function, totally different from the previous 3D Touch and manual leveling, which is the most advanced leveling technology. “Many 3D printer users are fear of leveling, on the one hand, the operation is troublesome, and on the other hand, if the leveling operation is not done well, the printing will fail. So now with the free leveling function, the users only need to click on the touch screen, the 3D printer will automatically level at 16 points. 3D printing is not a hard job for a newbie anymore.” The marketing manager of MINGDA said, “MINGDA hope everyone can enjoy the fun with MINGDA 3D printers.”

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