Three Ways to Finally Avoid Getting Spammed with Data Phishing Calls and Emails

In a world where new communication technologies seem to run the world, one may overlook his or her online privacy. It’s fairly understandable. With the current restrictions prohibiting people from going out, some would only have these messaging platforms to cling onto. But as far as anyone’s concern, along with the innovations come the risks and every click may lead to serious damages. To avoid getting spammed with calls and emails, and ultimately risk one’s personal information, below are three essential ways that can help stop these:

1. Block unknown callers

This is by far the easiest way to stop spam calls and messages. On a user’s phone setting, check on how to block calls from unknown numbers.

For iOS devices, go to Settings>Phone>Silence Unknown Callers.

While for Android devices, click on Phone app>tap the three dots>Settings>Block specific number.

2. Use a call-blocker app

Next on the list is by using a third-party app such as call blocking apps. The name speaks for itself. This helps deter spam calls and texts should they come across an unfamiliar and suspicious number. Additionally, one can customize the app by filtering the messages or adding an automated answer to detected scam messaging schemes.

3. Use a safe and free VPN

Protection is better than cure. With that said, plan ahead by protecting one’s connection from future attacks. This works by connecting to reliable Virtual Private Network services or a VPN.

Cut to the chase, a VPN is a simple software that encrypts the data sent over the internet, making it difficult for someone else to steal or monitor the information. When connected to a server, it masks one’s IP address and entire online activity; allowing them to browse safely and anonymously. This prevents those annoying pop-up ads from following a user on the internet. Like a domino effect, without those ads, one will be free from spam calls and messages. For an affordable yet quality VPN service, GoingVPN is the way to go.

GoingVPN is a 100% free VPN service that offers unlimited and high-speed internet connections. It has over a hundred server locations that can help a user connect to a loved one from miles away, worry-free. Just pick one server and connect to activate.

It also provides a military-grade security system that guarantees safe communication whenever and wherever. Users never have to concern themselves with spam and other schemes simply by installing this free VPN. Click here for more information.

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