Chillin Chameleons: Using NFT Blockchain Technology To Support Pro2tect’s Sustainability Efforts

Chillin Chameleons: Using NFT Blockchain Technology To Support Pro2tect’s Sustainability Efforts

Chillin Chameleons is a unique art community with a unique purpose. This NFT startup uses blockchain technology to create more than 10,000 art pieces, then donate a portion of the funds to support the non-profit organization Pro2tect. This partnership aims to solve the global plastics problem. The Chillin Chameleons community is one based on unity and giving back. With the collaborative efforts of Pro2tect, they will disrupt the paradigm of what a sustainable environment should look like.

We live in a world that relies heavily on plastic with no reliable way to dispose of it. This is a major threat affecting our environment. While cleaning the oceans and beaches is crucial, we also need prevention measures in place. This is founder Darren Fryer’s focus for Pro2tect. Their goal is to install the first Pyrolysis plant in Hawaii, which will decompose plastics at high temperatures, turning them into biofuel. “Seeing so many people create innovative products, designs, and resources through the blockchain space has truly inspired me to take part in it. We are now able to create an asset that can now be used to help give back to a good cause like the partnership we have with Pro2tect,” says Kellan Ness of the Chillin Chameleons.

Chillin Chameleons is taking advantage of growing blockchain technology to further this great cause. They will soon be minting their NFT Chameleons and launching them for sale with the help of their artist Nelson “Nell” Ortiz Jr (@fullnellart). During their Phase I launch, buyers will receive, in addition to their chameleon, a PDF provided by Pro2tect on how to live an eco-friendly life. After 50% of the Chameleons have been minted, a select number of holders will qualify to receive merch from the Pro2tect Eco Store. The most exciting part of Chillin Chameleon’s launch comes after all the NFTs are minted. 10 lucky Chillin Chameleon holders will be selected for a free trip to Hawaii. They will get to help Pro2tect with beach clean-up efforts and spend time relaxing and having fun.

Influencers have been inspired by Chillin Chameleon’s innovative products and designs using blockchain technology. This has given them a reach of over 20 million supporters for their cause. Kellan’s only obstacle facing him is a world in crisis, so as he guides his team, a positive mindset to boost morale is incredibly important. By working with a dedicated team, they support each other to stay focused on their objective.

Pro2tect and Chillin Chameleons have a symbiotic relationship. As the NFTs grow, Pro2tect benefits, and those benefits are seen in the healing of our ecosystem. This is why Kellan and his team hold nothing back. They do not deny fear, but use it as an opportunity to learn. “There will be ups and downs, but that’s the beauty of it. You live and you learn, but you also need to make sure you have a clear path and a plan. If not, you will be quick to fall short and bump your head,” says Kellan.

Through NFT drops and creating a metaverse, Chillin Chameleons plans to continue their cause to further help the environment. They also plan to support other nonprofits who have a passion for creating a cleaner, more sustainable world. You can follow Chillin Chameleons on Instagram @ChillinChameleons and Pro2tect’s Instagram @pro2tect.

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