Founder Of Naarak-Studio, Martin Suriyo Announces Their New App: \”iCollections\”

iCollections is an Organizing Solution App for Mac Users!

PoznaƄ, Poland – July 7th, 2017 –  iCollections is a skillfully designed application that helps keep your Mac organized as you would a physical desk at your workstation. It is intended to take your organization process to a level that makes your desktop neat and very attractive.

iCollections requires Mac OS X10.10 Yosemite and fully compatible with MacOS High Sierra created by Martin Suriyo of Naarak-Studio. It allows for the creation of collections for organizing desktop items, disk panels for disk drives, folder views for folders and even photo frames for favorite images all accessible from the desktop.

iCollections – Organizing icons on your desktop:

With few clicks, the icons, files, and folders on your desktop will get grouped according to your preferences. Thus, the days of scouring your desktop for a particular application are over. Just get started by creating a new collection by accessing the iCollections main menu from the system toolbar.

iCollections is fully integrated with your Mac OS such that it launches immediately on start up as this is the default option which you should choose, thus allowing you to concentrate your mental energy into your work straight away.

iCollections – Revealing your drives:

iCollections allows you to view all drives connected to your Mac without having to navigate to be sure what’s been connected and what’s not with its Disk Panel and therefore gives you the right to filter what disks that you see.

iCollections –Tracking your Temporary Files:

When the volume of work is high, and you’re busy with the internet and generating a significant amount of materials, keeping track of them could be stressful. Sometimes one forgets where some things have been kept, even though you remember you have it somewhere. iCollections eliminates this annoying problem, allowing you to be more productive. By opening a Drop well, your Safari and Chrome downloads, email attachments are well organized, plus you can track your most recent temporary file which shows in the Drop Well.

iCollection–Favorite Websites at your Fingertips:

The need to open your browser to check out that instant chat that just came in that can’t wait, or the new video that just dropped from your favorite artist is now easier with iCollections. As it helps you view and keep in constant touch with the website you are most active on, without opening your web browser from scratch.

iCollection – Power to Customize

iCollections boasts of a very detailed customization setting for its appearance. Each of the various collections that you create has different settings that can be tweaked to give various presentations that suit your references from enlarging the size of the collections to the changing of the display titles of the collection that you made. iCollections also helps you change the style of your title bars by making them rounded or flat, also making the scrollers visible or invisible. With the power to control color, font, opacity, width, corner radius – users create a feel that is entirely personal to them.

iCollections price starts from $18.99 worldwide and can be purchased at:

the Naarak-Studio website:

and the App Store:

iCollections Manual:

Certainly, iCollections is here to make our desktops cleaner and neater and certainly will be a useful tool.

A review has been made by a user of iCollections and can be found on Youtube:

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