Ailment: The Ultimate Pixel Art Action Game launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Now Seeking Community Support on Kickstarter, Ailment is a Pixel Art Action Game for iOS & Android with a Dramatic Backstory!

Ailment has been launched as an all new action game by a UK based self-taught developer, Ivan. The game has been created on the Pixel Art Platform. Ivan wanted to combine the classic 2D Pixel Art style with a good action game-play and all that with a sauce of interesting story behind. Therefore, he spent several hours each day and learned to perfect this remarkable new game. With tons of weapons and ammo along with brutal animations and exciting backstory, the game will be an exciting activity for the players of all age groups from every corner of the world.

Ailment is now nearing its release and will be launched worldwide in September of 2017. To conclude this remarkable creation that took years in the making, the developer is now seeking generous community support on Kickstarter and is welcoming everyone to support him. The game starts in the med-bay of the spaceship where main character just woke up after being unconscious. Followed by this awakening, several exciting events unfold that make this game more unique and fun to play.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and it offers several pledges with great perks and rewards. From 1 GBP to 200 GBP, supporters can back this project generously on the crowdfunding platform and claim amazing rewards in return.

About Ailment

Ailment is an all new pixel art action game created by an inspiring self-taught developer from the United Kingdom, Ivan for iOS and Android. The young developer is now taking it to the community for support on Kickstarter is welcoming everyone to back this new game for its launch in September.

Media Contact
Company Name: BeardyBird
Contact Person: Ivan Panasenko
Phone: 7492313400
City: Bournemouth
Country: United Kingdom