Graffup: The Ultimate Graffiti App launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Developed in Netherlands, the App Aims at Taking Graffiti & Street Art to the Next Level on a Real-Time Map!

Graffup is an all new Graffiti App that has been developed in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The idea behind the creation of this app was to put images on the wall or buildings and post them on Social Media. The app has been created by an independent group of artists, Graffiti Artists, street artists, Tattoo Artists and graphic designers. The app is now seeking generous community support on the crowdfunding platform of Kickstarter and is welcoming supporters and art lovers from around the world to back it with generosity and love.

“Graffup is a new interactive way to link our passion for creation to the new Social Media virtual world.” Said one of the developers of this remarkable Street Art App. “It allows you to customize your art, fit it to the virtual reality map, and share it with your friends and other Graffup artists.” He added. The app will redefine the way people explore their Natural Creative Talents and will give its users a great opportunity to share their creative ideas on social media with their friends as well as the world.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and it offers a wide range of pledges offering great perks and rewards. From 1 EUR to 500 EUR, supporters can back this project and claim their rewards from the Dutch Developers.

About Graffup

Graffup is the ultimate Graffiti and Street Art Smartphone Application that has been developed by Dutch Artists in Netherlands. They are now taking it to the community to play their role in bringing this app live for the worldwide users and enable them to experiment with their creative talents like never before.

Media Contact
Company Name: Graffup
Contact Person: Jimmy Bachstein
Phone: (+31) 6 319 749 98
City: Rotterdam
Country: Netherlands