Fear Hacking Journal – The world’s only journal that features fear setting, 80-20 analysis, goal setting and time management launches crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter

Fear Hacking Journal, the world’s best productivity journal loaded with more than 15 distinctive features designed to make goal setting easier and simpler, officially launches its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on Jan 10th.
Fear Hacking Journal is designed to solve all goal setting and productivity related problems with over 15 built-in features such as 80-20 analysis, fear setting, short term and long term goal setting, time management, daily, weekly, monthly planning, gratitude journaling, regular reflections, adult coloring and more.

FEAR is the number one obstacle to success. Everyone has fear but few realize that it is the obstacle. As Seneca – a stoic philosopher said – “We suffer more in our imagination than in reality”. So the key is identifying the true fear from the false one in our imagination. The Fear Hacking journal was created with a unique, science-backed approach to help users identify their fears and deconstruct them so they can focus on what can happen if they weren’t afraid. The carefully crafted questions will help anyone ditch their comfort zone and reflect on the progress made through the 13 weeks.

“We all have fears, similar fears and that is what keeps most of us from trying new things,” said Keni Maati, co-founder and Chief Design Officer of the Fear Hacking Journal. “We have carefully designed the journal so it goes a step further than anything that is on the market right now. We have sections dedicated to identifying the effective 20%, deconstructing our fears and the why behind our goals. The negative visualization psychology allows the user to face the worst things that can happen and in the process think about how to prevent and repair them.

We are the only journal company that has combined time management, daily/weekly/monthly reflection, adult coloring and gratitude, in addition, to fear hacking to help anyone make decisions faster and in a more pragmatic way. Just take a look at the journal specifications…

  • Fear setting tools

  • 80-20 Analysis tools

  • 4 Quadrants of time management

  • Goal setting

  • 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 Calendar

  • 3 months of undated daily, weekly and monthly pages

  • Recycled paper

  • Grid pages

  • Blank pages

  • Hardcover

  • Size 7×10 inches

  • Thick leak-free paper

  • 3 color cover options – blue, grey and white

  • Designed in USA

  • Manufactured in USA

The Fear Hacking journal will be available for pre-orders from Jan 10th – Feb 9th. The 15 features offered by the journal combined are worth over $39.99 or more and during their Kickstarter campaign, the Journal can be pre-ordered starting at $27.

For more information visit Fear Hacking Journal at Kickstarter and www.fearhackingjournal.com.

About Fear Hacking Journal

FearHacking Journal is a health technology company launched in partnership with Maati Goods LLC; a Maryland based startup dedicated to improving physical and mental well-being through natural, research-driven science. Co-founded by Keni Maati, who is a serial entrepreneur and currently working on products for reducing stress and increasing productivity using the time-tested tools and backed by science.  Fear hacking Journal aims to solve the problem of 92% of the population that do not accomplish their goals. We spent more than two-year tweaking and perfecting the journal based on extensive research and case studies about the efficacy of journaling f and help the user to look beyond their comfort zone without fear.

Media Contact
Company Name: Fear Hacking journal
Contact Person: Keni
Email: Keni@fearhackingjournal.com
Country: United States
Website: www.fearhackingjournal.com