10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

“The Buzz Stand which provides digital marketing service in India carried out a research about whether small businesses have a digital marketing strategy or not.”

10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy in 2018

Is your business lacking a digital strategy? Getting online can help your business to generate higher revenue and can help you optimise your present strategy. Digital Marketing is one the best methods of generating higher ROI for marketing spends. The Buzz Stand, which is a digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR asked a question to small business owners about whether their organisation has a clearly defined marketing strategy and here is what we found as the answer.

Our latest research suggests that even though small businesses are present and doing internet marketing in form or other like local business directories, email marketing, PPC, SEO etc. but the majority of them don’t have a clear strategy about how to go about digital marketing.

This clearly shows that businesses need a clear digital marketing strategy. These are the major points which they should consider.

1. Your strategy lacks direction

Many companies which don’t have clear goals for online marketing are unable to gain customers or are able to take their brand to a higher level. If the goals are not clear you don’t know the amount of resources to be put and the measuring the results won’t be possible as well.

2.  Your brand presence online won’t be clear

When you don’t have a clear strategy, it is quite possible you won’t be aware of your competitor’s presence online. Customer demands for your niche might be completely different online from what it is offline.

3. Your competitors might beat you in the revenue game

The fact is everyone is looking to generate more revenue. More than 50% businesses are already online or have presence in one way or another. If your competitor is more visible than you online chances are he would be generating a higher revenue growth.

As a digital marketing agency in India, we have seen numerous businesses just losing out to competitors because they did not have any online presence. 

4. Digital Marketing Strategy helps you create a Value Proposition

Customers love value for money. They want complete information about what they buy, and digital presence online helps them understand how your product or service better than competitors. It is a great way to bring in new customers and building your brand loyalty. You can easily target your prospects and engage existing ones with remarketing strategies.

5. You don’t know view of your online customers yet

Google Analytics only tells you half a picture. It can tell you about search visits, bounce rates, revisits etc. but it cannot tell you about your customers sentiment. To capture that you would need to engage with them, get their feedback and work on them. This can only happen if you have a digital marketing strategy in place.

6. Integrate your Offline and Online marketing

We provide digital marketing service in India and abroad. One thing which we have observed over a period of time is that businesses sometimes miss integrating both their offline and online strategy. It is important to understand how you have been selling offline to generate more sales online. We have seen digital marketing companies packaging their services around generating revenue from online business without even understanding how your offline model works. A complete digital marketing strategy is necessary to generate more sales.

7. Enough Resources are not allocated to your digital marketing strategy

There is a big possibility you might have not allocated enough skilled manpower, technology or money which could be leading to less effective strategy.

8. Don’t try to copy have your original marketing strategy

Many companies try to copy the successful marketing tactics of their competitors. Sometimes, it works but sometimes it doesn’t. As a customer, people want to see something original and even search engines like Google have a ranking factor for that. Though you may take some parts from your competitor’s strategy, never try to copy it exactly. Always keep on looking for something innovative.

9. Keep on testing things, space keeps on involving

Digital Marketing is one area where you can never be sure if it is going to be the perfect strategy for you. You are not only trying to win prospects and customers heart, but you are also fighting against your competitors to get more digital visibility online. No strategy can be perfect. Use testing methods to keep finding the better method.

10. Your optimisation might be suffering

We know we need to track every progress. But in fact, very less actually do it. We do gets lots of data pointers from tools, but converting this data into useful information is something which matters. If you don’t get this information you won’t be able to make further decisions related to optimisation.

These are the 10 key points which we think which need to be kept in mind. The Buzz Stand is a digital marketing company in Delhi NCR. Our team ensures that all these points are well discussed and kept in mind while deciding digital marketing strategy.  

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