Mr. Adam J Casey & The Funeral Services of Distinction Team is giving you a prestigious & elegant “Legacy Farewell Celebration – For the Finest Farewell”

Chicago, IL, USA – January 8, 2018 – Funeral Services of Distinction Inc. has proudly announced that with the arrival of 2018, it is preparing to expand its services across the United States. Led by the visionary Adam J. Casey, Funeral Services of Distinction Inc. is a Chicago based prestigious and elegant funeral service and it has a team serving in excellence for the finest farewell. Saying final goodbye to any loved one is a very painful time but the funeral service makes it elegant and memorable for everyone who comes to attend a funeral.

“Here at The Funeral Service Of Distinction, our dedicated team is comprised of various skilled compassionate licensed funeral directors, embalmers, specializing in restorative art to create a lifelike positive, lasting presentation of your loved one,” said Adam J. Casey, the President and CEO of The Funeral Service of Distinction, while introducing his company. “Our Mortuary Servants serve you during your time of need and our Gifted Singers as well as Musicians play for you with the goal of creating a memory that lives forever,” he added. According to Adam, the company is living up to the brand of being recognized as ‘The Service Of Distinction’ and it is now expanding nationwide.

Born and raised in Fort Worth Texas, Adam is a graduate from Common Wealth Institute of Funeral Service. Throughout his many stages of training, Adam has learned the industry under many legendary funeral service trailblazers. Moreover, he has also learned with his experiences of traveling and learning different styles and traditional customs. His primary focus is always into leaving a lasting impression to each person who has lost a loved one in death.

“I lost my beloved dad in September and I called Adam Casey Jr. to handle my dad’s funeral and from the very beginning, Funeral Services of Distinction Inc. in Chicago were very professional, accommodating and personal,” said Venus Parker-Johnson in a gratitude letter to Adam. “I requested no excess makeup and there was none and my dad looked as if he is napping with a smile on his face. We were truly happy on how the services were held,” Venus added. A lot of other customers have also shared phenomenal reviews and testimonials regarding their experiences with Adam and his team.

While the plan for expansion is currently being negotiated, Funeral Services of Distinction Inc has partnered with various funeral homes across the United States to make a difference one family at a time. This modern approach to the old fashion tradition of a funeral truly is captivating the attention of the masses, focusing on celebrating the life once lived, but most of all the legacy left behind.

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