European Union Backs Patagonia’s Rise in the Hydrogen Market

European Union Backs Patagonia's Rise in the Hydrogen Market

The representatives of the European Union believe that Patagonia has all the characteristics to become a strong player in the hydrogen industry. The Energy Transition and Green Hydrogen Forum provided insights into Europe’s perspective on the potential and demand for this energy vector. Officials emphasized that Argentina needs a regulatory framework to encourage investments and support ongoing projects.

Pablo Iglesias Rumbo, Cooperation Attaché of the Delegation of the European Union in Argentina, reaffirmed Europe’s commitment to investments but stressed the importance of a regulatory framework for predictability. He mentioned an existing memorandum of understanding in the energy sector that focuses on green hydrogen. Last year, a study was conducted to assess the sector and identify its potential to supply the world.

Discussions are underway to support companies and facilitate regulatory exchanges. It is crucial to engage in dialogue with stakeholders who may be affected by hydrogen development. The European Union promotes Argentina as an investment opportunity, and there is enthusiasm among European energy companies to collaborate with Argentinean counterparts.

Regarding the analysis of the regulatory framework, the European official acknowledged Argentina’s clear national strategy but suggested the need for complementary measures to ensure the best possible law. The European Union supports the RIGI (Renewable Hydrogen Industrialization) and advocates for a law that promotes hydrogen industrialization, exportation, and consumption.

Bernd Scholtz, Deputy Ambassador and Head of the Commercial Section at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Argentina, highlighted that Europe will not be able to meet all its hydrogen demand in the future, making Argentina a natural trading partner. He emphasized the importance of advancing the RIGI law and developing infrastructure plans that connect with export hubs. Argentina has enormous potential and the necessary conditions to become a major player on the global stage.

‘Raimundo Ruiz von Dessauer, Political Officer at the German Embassy in Argentina, mentioned that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia compelled Europe to diversify its energy matrix and pursue a green transition. Germany aims to cooperate and work towards a green energy matrix. As Germany cannot produce all the hydrogen it needs, imports will be necessary. Strategies are being developed to ensure the existence of suppliers and reasonable market prices.

Patagonia’s potential in the hydrogen industry has caught the attention of the European Union. Argentina needs a regulatory framework to attract investments, and Europe sees Argentina as a natural trading partner for hydrogen. The development of a green hydrogen market requires supportive legislation and infrastructure plans. The global shift towards hydrogen presents significant opportunities for Argentina to become a key player in the industry.

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