Easter Bunny Chased By Tiger Following Morning Egg Hunt Discovery!

Face Painting Adventures Revealed Over Easter Break Holidays.

It could have been any street, on any sub division, in any town of any state. The quiet of the daily routine penetrated periodically by the squeals of children playing during the Easter holiday break. There was a flash of black and orange in the undergrowth, a white streak of whiskers as the Easter bunny ran for her life. There was a loud roar from the Tiger as he broke the undergrowth in pursuit of his sister, the bunny. And then he stopped, dead in his tracks, eyes fixed at the ground.

“I’ve found one!” he exclaimed.

The bunny turned to see as the Tiger bent down into the bushes to pull the leaves apart and retrieve the oval shape object from besides his left foot. “It’s a Hersheys!” he cried.

All of a sudden then, out of the foliage came tumbling the pussycat, the lion, the elephant and the monkey,

“Where, where?” came the cries.

A park ranger Mom lent over the deck and glass in hand proclaimed, “There’s plenty more out there, keep looking”

With a glance to the Ranger the gang of animals parted almost as quickly as they had assembled, heads to the ground, eyes darting furtively in anticipation of a new discovery. Back to the search!

As the Park Ranger Mom turned back to her friends seated on the deck, the sound of the doorbell interrupted her.

“OK,” she said, scanning her friends faces, “Who wants to be chief painter this time?”

“Me, me, me,” mimicked the other mums, “I want a go… it’s my turn!”

“Don’t worry,” Park Ranger mom replied, “There’s plenty enough paint for everyone to get a turn.”

“With the Easter holiday break just round the corner, (Easter Sunday falls on March 27th 2016) finding activities to occupy young children during their days off, away from the TV, computer or tablet are made easy and fun and can combine education and creativity with something traditional such as the Egg Hunt,” claimed a spokesperson for Bo Buggles, manufacturer and distributor of The Face painting Kit for Kids Ultimate Party Pack.

They continued, “Face painting can combine teaching children about the animals or characters they are creating making it as much about the natural world as it is about art. We also find that parents find it great fun, bringing out a creative side they haven’t used in a while. It’s a great way for a group of mums to get together and plan an afternoon where the kids have a load of fun, learn something and keep the traditions of Easter alive.”

The Face painting Kit for Kids Ultimate party pack comes with eight 4g colors and two glitter palettes, two brushes and two sponges. The party pack can be found exclusively on Amazon USA and for a limited period of time can be purchased at a discount to its RRP,(Recommended retail price).


Bo Buggles are manufacturers and distributors of The Ultimate Face Painting Kit For Kids Party Pack available exclusively on Amzon.com

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