Reflective Vest Manufacturer Active Arlo \’Extremely Pleased\’ Following Response By Customer To New Product Launch

“”Positive Response & Sales Have Been Beyond Expectation,” says Active Arlo,
Safety reflective vest manufacturer. Active Arlo announced to day that they have been extremely pleased and excited about the wholly positive response received by customer to t”

Safety reflective vest manufacturer Active Arlo announced to day that they have been extremely pleased and excited about the wholly positive response received by customer to their recent product launch of a safety reflective vest designed for runners, motorcyclists and pedestrians. A spokesperson explained, “We wanted to out design the competition and make a reflective vest that was brighter, more comfortable to wear and had the flexibility required for more active users like those who run for fitness before or after work when the light is fading or it’s dark.”

“We used as wide a reflective area as we could and made it as bright and reflective as possible without compromising the need for ‘struggle free’ movement.”

The Active Arlo Reflective Vest consists of two, over the shoulder straps of 2 inch wide neon elasticated material with a 3/4 inch wide central reflective strip. The vest also has the same design waistband designed to fit 26-40 inch waist measurements and is secured with a strong buckle. The shoulder strips offer further flexibility with adjustable straps.

The spokesperson continued, “As with any new product, you will never be sure until actual customers get their hands on it and give it a thorough testing as to whether it is going to be a success. Well it seems the results are in and our customers love it, so all the hard work that went into its design and production has been justified and we are very happy to be part of keeping people safe on the roads.”

Here are what some actual customers have said in reviews of the product:

“I am an avid runner. Having run in a number of relays that span the state going the entire night, I have used several reflective vests. This one is hands down the best one I have used. These are a must when running at night.”

I love that it stretches because I am a Plus-sized woman. Most things like this don’t fit; however, I am pleasantly surprised it fit perfectly and wil adjust as I lose weight. I’ll never need a new one unless it wears out.

Each year I participate in a 399 mile relay run which starts at the St Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN and ends in Mobile, AL. During the event we spend 4 consecutive days on busy roads and highways exposed to traffic. Teams run around the clock, rain or shine, and safety vests are required for obvious reasons.

Last year I purchased an expensive vest, similar to this one, from a local running store for this event. I was disappointed to find that after two days of use the reflective substance was rubbing off in several places. I assumed this would be a common issue with all vests of this type. So I began looking for an inexpensive backup. I am pleased to report that not only is the Arlo vest reasonably priced, it is also highly reflective and durable. So far I’ve taken it on two short runs and one long run (caught light rain) and there are no signs of wear. I even hand washed it with mild detergent, using light agitation, to see if the reflective material would rub off and it hasn’t. I am recommending this vest to my team mates this year… as well as anyone needing more visibility after dark.

I absolutely love this new running vest. I’m not sure if it’s even design for running full time but that is exactly the use that I give it.

The Active Arlo Reflective Vest is currently for sale exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited time the vest is available at a substantial discount to its RRP, (recommended retail price).


Active Arlo are manufacturers and distributors of personal safety attire to include the Active Arlo Reflective Vest for running, jogging, walking the dog, bicycle riding, motorcycle riding or working in proximity to vehicles where visibility is a safety factor.

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