Voltage Tester Launched by Grafton Tools Set to Illuminate Competition

Extra Safety Features in Voltage Tester Include LED Light & Power Functions.

Extra Safety Features in Voltage Tester Include LED Light & Power Functions

Grafton Tools, manufacturer and distributors of safety electrical tools for home improvement are pleased to announce the launch of a new non contact AC voltage tester. The device which is used to detect a live current in a switch, electrical outlet socket or switch board contains some additional features over and above those provided by their main competing manufacturers, including a built in LED light, for those darker, harder to reach and see places and an on/off button with an auto shut off feature to ensure the device retains power and works when required.

Jack Watson, a spokesperson for the company said, “An AC voltage tester is an essential part of any tool kit for anyone dealing with electricity in the home. Before you do anything with electricity, you need to test that the area you are dealing with is safe and you know where there is, and isn’t current flowing.

We think with this lightweight tool we have addressed a couple of key issues that we found were missing in similar voltage testers currently available on the market

 The first was visibility. We all know that sometimes you may be working in dim lit places or even when there is no lighting at all because the power is out. So we added a LED light. It will free up the other hand that might have been holding a flashlight. Two hands are always better than one and will help the user focus on the test area.

The second additional feature that we have incorporated is a power button. We have included an auto shut off feature into the tool to conserve power. There is nothing worse than needing to use something and finding that you left it on and the power is dead. Even worse, is thinking that it’s working when it is not. That could be a very costly error, although we advise the user always to test the unit on a known live wire before trying to detect voltage elsewhere.”

The Grafton Tools Non Contact AC Voltage Tester Pen with built in LED and power shut off is a light compact pen style voltage tester for outlets, wires, switch plates and panels. It alerts for live current via an alarm and flashing light. It is calibrated for testing between 90-1000 volts of AC current. The voltage detector also provides illumination via a built in LED light and has auto shut off capability for power conservation. The pen tester can be attached to any tool belt via its pocket clip design.

Jack Watson continued, “First and foremost we are a safety company. When we design a new tool we have only one thing in mind and that is the safety of the people who will be using our equipment. Enhancing safety with functionality features that will help to increase safety is all part of this. We will take good ideas and make them better. That is, we think, what we have achieved with our voltage tester pen. We have taken the best of what was currently on offer, and made it better in several respects. We think that home owners who tackle those small and medium sized jobs themselves such as replacing outlets and light fixtures will find the enhanced features to be a great help in getting the job done safely.”

The Grafton Tool GT-246AC Non Contact AC Voltage Tester Pen is available exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited period of time during its launch it is available at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price) – See information below for details.


Grafton Tools is a manufacturer and distributor of safety tools for the home. Their products can be found exclusively on Amazon USA.

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