Delaware County Law Firm Discusses How They Help Clients Pursue Justice

“Monheit Law provides their clients with the support they need while pursuing compensation.”
Monheit Law is a personal injury law firm that helps their clients get the compensation they need to move on.

No one ever starts their day thinking that by the end of it, they may need to seek the assistance of a lawyer. In fact, that’s a situation that no one wants to be in. Yet every day, people in Delaware County, PA are injured in accidents that are caused by a negligent party. Then, despite health, car, and worker’s compensation insurance, they are faced with many difficult decisions regarding how to pay for the much needed medical care. In some of the worst cases, the injuries they sustain prevent them from ever again working in their chosen career.

Monheit Law, a personal injury law firm, operates on the idea that no person should have to suffer financially on top of their physical injuries because someone else didn’t do everything in their power to keep other individuals safe. Their legal counsel recognizes that every case is unique, just like every client is unique and there is no such thing as “just another case”.

Together with the client, their team works to review the accident, determine how many parties were at fault, determine which legal avenues apply to their situation, file paperwork, speak with insurance companies, consult with medical and accident specialists, determine losses, discover evidence, and pursue justice.

Evidence that can support a case may include medical records, machine or property maintenance records, and even surveillance video, all of which can be difficult to obtain without the help of an attorney. While seeking legal help may be an option that most a hesitate to consider, it may be the only way that the plaintiff is able to obtain the compensation that can pay for medical bills, cover lost wages, and even provide coverage for ongoing physical pain and emotional trauma.

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