17 July, 2017 – Columbus Mississippi – Movie producer and director Kelly Tippett proudly announces the completion of the feature “Romanorum” on YouTube. The movie “Romanorum” was storied by Tippet in 2006 and scripted by VickyL. Neal a year later. It has been in the production process since 2008, with final narration by Anthony Lund added in early 2017.

“This is going to be the Godfather of backyard movies,” joked Gray Barbour

The film has Barbour play Mental Stanonand abandoned farm in 2010. While on set he leads a band of vampire hunters to track down two freshly bitten brothers. Stan and his hunters are accompanied by a priest, played by Kelly Guimbellot. One of the brothers is killed and the other, Rajah, escapes. Jonathan Murphy portrays Rajah, who out for vengeance murders women putting them on the priest’s doorstep.

“Romanorum” was made available in ten episodes and uploaded on YouTube in May 2017.The first episode was submitted on June 27th to Amazon Studios as a concept video under their open-door policy. At the time of creating this article, the project is still under evaluation at Amazon.

The opening scene is in color but changes to black and white as it follows the anti-hero, John, played by Alec Hawkins. He was once a Roman soldier that helped crucify a god and is cursed to walk the earth forever. He is hired by a vampire drug lord to kill vampire hunters being rewarded with cash and heroin.

Rajah, whose brother was killed before his eyes by the priest and hired vampire hunters is out for revenge as he kills young ladies and places them on the priest’s door step. John decides to stop Rajah with the hope of being redeemed and made mortal again.

John visits the priest to find out more information on the dead girls and finds help, but not the kind of help he expected. He cleans himself up from drugs as best he can and starts his journey to stop a killer.

To stop them, John realizes he must find out who the next potential victim is and befriend them. Then he can lay in wait for when the killer will strike.

“This film is one of the best projects and hardest I ever engaged in. The locations were all over the place, and everyone did a fantastic job….I am proud of this movie,” Tippett commented.

To view this amazing movie, please click on the YouTube link:

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