THE CSI AWARENESS TEAM EDUCATES THE PUBLIC ON STALKING : Ignorance on part of victims- Greatest tool of a stalker

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17 July, 2017 – Humans are bound to interact with each other, for the smooth running of daily activities either commercial or non-productive.

There are several reasons why the significance of communication can never be overlooked, kudos to the great heroes that gave their all to enhancing available communication medium for the use of today’s generation.

As the day goes by, we are bound to have differences; some may be intentionally inclined while some occur due to our perspective concerning a particular issue or topic. Maturity and the mind to let go is crucial in living in peace and harmony.

In the process of fueling differences and misunderstanding, we tend to take revenge, discipline, harass or even bully the minor party.

This idea has taken different shapes with regards to civilization and availability of advanced technology. Wherefore cyber stalking comes in. Technology has given room for stalking without even the victim getting to know who is involved with the threat message.

In a broad view, stalking happen as a result of a victim offending the stalker, but its argued by few individuals that stalking can also occur as a result of jealousy.

Kris Degioia, a former stalker victim with a tremendous compassion for stalking victims, shows more light on reasons for stalking.

A situation whereby stalking or harassment is done for attention seeking purpose by someone known with a pre-existing mental disorder, who may even claim to be mentally sound can be called Delusion Stalking.

Few individuals that are into stalking also seek attention and ransom, harassing innocent personalities who have played their cards wrong into their hands. They threaten to let out some secrets except they get paid.

Our society has not given the female gender full support, seeing them as inferior, that has been changing gradually though. These regards make the female gender the highest victim of Intimate stalkers. Some jilted persons believe threatening, creating public shame and bullying their ex can win back the former affection and relationship. Everyone has a right to his or her view and decision. Kris maintained that if there is a need for reconciliation, there are better means to resolve that than bullying or stalking.

Unlike the erotomanic stalker, there is no form of relationship between stalker and victim, the stalkers’ goal is just to get loved, achieve sexual satisfaction or attention. A lot of cases fall under this category.

A higher level of stalking that involves real obsession which may involve kidnapping, assaults or even murder are activities of a vengeful stalker.

Ignorance on the part of victims has strengthened stalkers against them. While a lot of victims keep these irrational happenings to themselves, others who speak out do not talk with the right people. “Never confuse education with intelligence.” – Kris Degioia

Information is power, getting the right information at the right time matters.  Reporting a stalking case to the right entity is as brilliant as you can imagine.

Kris Degioia’s stalking case was one of the biggest in US history. Having experienced the pain of stalking co-founded an organization together with some resource persons, and named it CSI.

The CSI awareness handles cyberstalking, cyberbullying. The company provides complete protection to the victims of cyber stalking and cyber bullying. The company location is in Nashville, Tennessee.

CSI Awareness has been able to provide a software (they created) to help victims of cyberbullying, cyber harassment, cyberstalking, and human trafficking.

Good news: Within the past month Tennessee law enforcement has started implementing their software, to help victims.

Reaching CSI or other stalking fighters on time is key to handling stalking. The CSI can be reached through its website.

Kris Degioia is pained by the death of a teenager known as Sadie Riggs, who killed herself as a result of being bullied.

“She would have been a great Vet or firefighter, but some stalkers ended her life,” – Sadie’s Aunty.

Kris Degioia and the entire CSI Awareness Team mourn with this family… May her gentle soul rest in peace.

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