Creative Biogene Launches Epigenomics Profiling to Promote The Exploration of Various Aspects of The Epigenome

New York – Feb 25th, 2019 – Creative Biogene, a leading genomics products and services provider, recently launches Epigenomics Profiling service, aiming to help researchers explore the function of various aspects of the epigenome in the context of human biology and disease. This version has been greatly empowered with histone modification, transcription factor binding, chromatin accessibility etc. for a better understanding of epigenetic mechanisms, transgenerational epigenetics studies.

At present, epigenomic technology allows scientists to transcend genomic sequences and reveal information that the genome actually exists in a single cell, including protein binding, enzyme modification, and folding in the dynamic three-dimensional space of the nucleus. All of this epigenetic information confirms that it is important to understand how each cell type in the human body functions during normal development and how its function occurs in the disease.

In recent years, the understanding of modular epigenetic regulatory factors containing targeted motives and/or catalytic domains has increased dramatically. Pharmaceutically acceptable epigenetic modulators undergo carcinogenic mutations and are considered attractive therapeutic targets. With years of expertise in epigenetics, Creative Biogene has developed a variety of cell-based epigenetic analyses for all stages of drug discovery, which is also an ideal choice for identifying effective and selective small molecule inhibitors for emerging epigenetic targets. Moreover, it also enables the identification and classification of inhibitors based on potency, selectivity and in vitro efficacy.

Epigenetic control of genomic function is a key regulatory mechanism in a variety of processes, and chemical modification of DNA and histones constitutes an important effector of epigenetic control. Recently, therapeutic agents that modulate these levels of modification have been applied to the clinic and committed to the further development of drugs. Although chromatin markers play a crucial role in a variety of physiological functions and human diseases, studying chromatin biology in human immune cells has been a challenge. Creative Biogene offers a range of chromatin analysis services that use a range of techniques to determine the 3D structure and chemical modification of chromatin, including Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), ATAC-SEQ, as well as Chromosome Conformation Capture.

‘We devote to support a better understanding of the histone modification and transcription factor binding to the entire genome, thereby figuring out the regulation of gene expression in disease or the response to drug treatment.’ claimed Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene.

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Founded in 2005, Creative Biogene provides scientists with innovative genomics products and services for biological research discoveries and product development, committed to improving the human condition through biotechnology. Creative Biogene is a well-recognized industry leader with more than 10 years of experience and in-house experts to support scientists worldwide.

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