Ask The Messengers Has A Solution for The Opioid Epidemic

Ask the messengers TV show has quickly established themselves as an information source within then opioid epidemic, providing real solutions to real problems Americans are facing each day across the country. On my visit to Michigan I stumbled over this nonprofit giving real answers to the victims of opioids.

Opioid abuse is a national crisis — taking an average five lives every hour across the country — and Michigan has been especially hard-hit. In 2016, the state suffered the nation’s 10th worst opiate death rate as 1,762 people died from opioid overdoses. Ask the messengers highlight these issues speaking to real active/past opioid users to record the thought process and recovery process of past users. Ask the messengers then takes this information and provides solutions to those who are still struggling with opioid addiction weekly on the Ask the messengers.

Those with opioid addiction become physically and emotionally dependent on these drugs, developing strong cravings for them and suffering debilitating withdrawal symptoms without them. Moreover, data in recent years show that chronic opioid exposure can actually make pain worse, a phenomenon called opioid-induced hyperalgesia. Which sends users deeper into addiction. These are issues Ask the messengers highlight on their show, to bring light that the issue is much bigger than we all know.

On one episode of Ask the messengers a doctor recommended to Reduce opioid prescriptions with caution. America prescribes far more opioids than any other country in the world. Based on global statistics and comparisons, that’s not because the US has so many more people in pain; it’s because US doctors are simply more likely to prescribe opioids, and insurers are more likely to pay for the drugs.

Ask the messengers has proven they are here to stay in this fight on opioid addiction. The team of the Detroit’s own TV show will continue to work hard to provide outstanding information and solutions to Americans in need.

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Ask the messengers is a nonprofit TV show currently residing in Detroit, Michigan.

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