Cell-based Drug Discovery: Equipped with Unique Solutions to Accelerate Drug Discovery Process

New York – Feb 25th, 2019 – Creative Bioarray, as a leading supplier of biotechnology products and service specialized in cell-based assays, has recently announced the significant release of cell-based drug discovery, which equipping with unique drug discovery solutions of the research throughout the drug development process, including drug screening and profiling services, ADME and pharmacokinetic services, drug toxicity services etc. With this release, Creative Biogene intends to accelerate the drug discovery process with reliable and predictable results.

At this stage, pharmaceutical companies take a variety of methods for drug discovery. However, the effects of drugs identified by physiological and biochemical reactions, as well as other indicators on organisms still are not ideal. Due to the complex response to organisms, cell-based screening assays are increasingly used to predict organism responses. Meanwhile, predicting cytotoxicity is important in the drug discovery process. All of which make cell-based drug discovery important for drug discovery and development.

As a premier part of cell-based drug discovery, ADME and Pharmacokinetic Services help predict the bioavailability and biological activity of a drug – whether the drug achieves the desired goal and confers a therapeutic effect so that the understanding the ADME properties of a compound is critical to the drug development process. Specifically, the ADME services offered by Creative Bioarray range from High-throughput ADME screening to In vitro metabolism services, and In vitro permeability and transporter assays.

Besides, Creative Bioarray provides standard and novel in vitro drug cardiotoxicity services using iPS cell-derived or ES cell-derived cardiomyocytes from different species to test and identify cardiotoxic compounds. At present, the classic hERG safety assays, QT prolongation assays, arrhythmia burden screening, comprehensive in vitro arrhythmia assays (CiPA) and custom assays all are available.

As we know, genotoxicity may lead to serious consequences compared to other types of toxicity and can be amplified and inherited after a particularly long period of exposure. Even DNA damage in single cells caused by genotoxic drugs at low exposures can lead to serious consequences of long-term accidents. Therefore, genotoxicity studies may have significant influences on DNA structure, including tests to detect genetic mutations, structural and digital chromosomal aberrations and abnormalities, and tests to induce DNA damage caused by DNA strand breaks and DNA adducts. In order to identify genotoxic chemicals early in the drug development process, Creative Bioarray has developed a variety of in vitro genotoxicity tests.

‘With accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in toxicology research and compound safety assessment for many years, Creative Bioarray has become the preferred partner for consultation and in vitro genetic toxicity testing. Meanwhile, we also provide in vitro toxicity assays for other tissues and organs.’ said Hannah Cole.

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Founded in 2005, Creative Bioarray provides scientists with cutting-edge biotechnology products and high-quality services to greatly promote the development and investigation of life science researches. As a well-recognized industry leader, Creative Bioarray satisfies the unique needs and goals for scientists worldwide with more than 10 years of experience.

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