Cordyceps Militaris Extract Protein Peptide Powder

Cordyceps Militaris Extract Protein Peptide Powder


Cordyceps militaris is a dual-purpose fungus for food and medicine, with a protein content of up to 40.7%. It contains not only a complete variety and sufficient quantity of essential amino acids for the human body, but also an appropriate proportion. The artificially cultivated Cordyceps militaris also contains abundant vitamins and minerals, which have good edible value. Cordyceps militaris can be used as medicine. It benefits the lungs and kidneys, stops bleeding and reduces phlegm. It is generally used for diseases such as tuberculosis, weakness in the elderly, and anemia. Cordyceps militaris contains abundant cordycepin, cordycepin, ergosterol, and other substances, which have the effects of expanding the trachea, sedating, resisting various bacteria, and lowering blood pressure.

Our company uses Cordyceps militaris as raw material, which is refined through complex enzymolysis, purification and spray drying. The product retains the efficacy of milk whey protein, with small molecules and easy absorption.


What is peptide?

A peptide is a compound in which two or more amino acids are connected by a peptide chain through condensation. Generally, no more than 50 amino acids are connected. A peptide is a chain-like polymer of amino acids.

Amino acids are the smallest molecules and proteins are the largest molecules . Multiple peptide chains undergo multi-level folding to form a protein molecule.

Peptides are bioactive substances involved in various cellular functions in organisms. Peptides have unique physiological activities and medical health care effects that original proteins and monomeric amino acids do not have, and have triple functions of nutrition, health care, and treatment.

Small molecule peptides are absorbed by the body in their complete form. After being absorbed through the duodenum, the peptides directly enter the blood circulation.


1. lower blood sugar

2. invigorate the kidney, strengthen yang

3. Enhance immunity, Anti-fatigue


Health food; sports nutrition food; Functional Food

Applicable groups

Kidney-tonifying people, sub-healthy people, sports people, people who stay up late and are tired

Recommended dose

Over 18 years old: 3-8grams/day

Adult males: 5-10g/day

Sports people: 5g/day

Over 18 years old: 3-8grams/day

Adult males: 5-10g/day

Sports people: 5g/day

Specification Sheet

Specification of Cordyceps militaris peptide powder

(Liaoning Taiai Peptide Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd )

Product Name: Cordyceps militaris peptide powder

Validity: 2Years        

Storage: Keep in a Cool and Dry Place, avoid direct sunlight 

Source:Cordyceps militaris

Origin of Cordyceps militaris: China

Mfg Date:2023.12.29

Bach No.:20231229-1             

Molecular Weight distribution:

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