The Double Carcass Submarine LPG Hoses Produced By Zebung Arrived In North America And Successfully Installed And Debugged

Recently, Zebung’s double carcass submarine LPG hoses arrived in North America and was successfully installed debugged. zebung company Specifically adjusted the material formula , product structure and production technology according to the marine hydrological information and usage conditions in North America, and successfully completed the installation and commissioning under the guidance of professional technicians. Zebung’s excellent product quality and meticulous and considerate services have won heartfelt praise from North American customers.

Double carcass marine LPG flexible is a product independently developed and produced by Zebung Company. zebung’s marine offshore hose complies with OCIMF-GMPHOM 2009 standard.  and zebung has also obtained successfully ocimf -GMPHOM 2009 certificate from large size to small size. Zebung Company can satisfy customers’ more stringent parameter requirements based on their local sea conditions, environment and usage conditions.

Double carcass marine hose include first carcass ,second carcass and leak detection systerm.It is designed so that if the main carcass fails, the secondary carcass contains the leak and protects the ambient environment. and operators should replace or remove damaged hoses to improve work safety and avoid economic losses and environmental pollution.

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