What Do People Know About Corrugated Metal Culverts Pipe?

Corrugated Pipe Culvert, it is a kind of engineering commonly used in the shape of wave-like pipe fittings, carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum, etc. as the main raw material composition. It can be used in petrochemical, instrumentation, aerospace, chemical, electric power, cement and other directions. Types of corrugated pipe Bellows mainly include metal bellows, corrugated expansion joints, corrugated heat exchanger tubes, diaphragm diaphragm boxes and metal hoses.

Metal bellows is mainly used to compensate for pipeline thermal deformation, shock absorption, absorption of pipeline settlement deformation, etc. It is widely used in petrochemical, instrumentation, aerospace, chemical, electric power, cement, metallurgy and other industries.

Plastic and other materials such as corrugated pipes have irreplaceable roles in medium transportation, power threading, machine tools, home appliances and other fields.

  Advantages of metal bellows Advantage 1: metal bellows bridge project cost is lower than the same span of reinforced concrete, especially in the geological special area of construction on the cost-effective more prominent. Advantage 2: metal bellows double sealing design, effectively protect the construction process of filling in the pipeline filler leakage occurs. Advantage 3: long service life, less maintenance, especially galvanized metal bellows corrosion resistance, in some structures of bridge engineering does not need to set up expansion joints and bearings and other wear parts.

Advantage 4: its own light weight characteristics, in the logistics and transportation and on-site engineering splicing, do not need large-scale mechanical equipment to assist, only manual splicing can be manually, installation and construction of particularly fast.

Factors affecting the price of corrugated metal pipe

1, metal bellows caliber, diameter, caliber and diameter, the larger the price is higher.

2, metal bellows of different metal materials to manufacture the pipeline price is also different.

3, the length of wholesale purchase bellows will also affect the price, because the longer the length of the buy, the cheaper the manufacturers give to the average price per meter of metal bellows offer.

4, metal bellows with prestressing and without prestressing, the same specifications with prestressing metal bellows is relatively more expensive.

The main use of metal bellows

1. Steel Corrugated Pipe is mainly used to cross the road or railroad culvert drainage culvert, pedestrian and vehicular access, seepage wells.

2.Used in all kinds of various civil engineering drainage pipe, soakaway; drainage with a residential district and other land development with the drainage pipe, golf course, pipeline.

3. corrugated steel pipe is mainly used in the railroad longitudinal drainage pipe, factory drainage pipe, agricultural irrigation water pipe, water supply and transmission pipelines. Highway, railroad underground communication cable, gas and other lines outside the protection pipe, can also be used for construction present

It can also be used in the construction field, protection shed, etc.

4.Used in steel corrugated sheet retaining walls, cofferdam sheet piles and so on. 5, metal bellows brand manufacturers suppliers, different brand manufacturers are also slightly different between the offer.

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