Concierge Strategies Announces a Partnership with Tread Global International in the Canada and United States

Concierge Strategies Announces a Partnership with Tread Global International in the Canada and United States

Concierge Strategies

TORONTO, ON – March 11, 2020 – CONCIERGE STRATEGIES (“Concierge” or the “Company”), a Toronto-based government relations consulting company is pleased to announce their partnership with TREAD GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL (Tread Global) the leading US cannabis packaging design, manufacturing and testing company to further Tread Global’s business services in Canada.

Concierge and Tread Global are now advancing the partnership where Concierge will facilitate C-level relationships with Canadian LPs, and ancillary businesses dealing in the rapidly growing legal cannabis space. Tread Global has been producing child-resistant packaging for the past five years and has actively been involved in the manufacturing and testing of child-resistant cannabis packaging with Canadian LPs for the past two years.

The partnership has advantages on both sides of the border, as both companies have worked extensively in the cannabis consulting space throughout North America. “With our offices in Canada, First Nations, Mexico and internationally, we are able to leverage our business and government knowledge and connections to help great clients like Tread Global,” said Alex Bishop, Partner of Concierge. “Together, we have already identified numerous opportunities to bring new Canadian opportunities to Tread Global utilizing their superior expertise in child-resistant sustainable cannabis packaging, ensuring we leverage their specialized and extensive knowledge and experience to build out a responsible Canadian cannabis 2.0 infrastructure.”

“We are very pleased to be advancing our Canadian strategy through this mutually beneficial partnership with Concierge, which provides Tread Global ease of access to one of the world’s most growing nationalized cannabis markets”, stated Benjamin Ray, Chief Marketing Officer responsible for business development and strategic partnerships of Tread Global. “By having a clear, deliberate and consistent partnered effort, we are committed to serving the Canadian LPs to the best of our ability by advancing fresh ideas and innovation in primary cannabis package design and manufacturing for a full range of cannabis products including THC and CBD beverages, topicals and ingestible.”


Concierge Group works with companies in regulated industries at the intersection of capital markets, government relations and business development.  We provide a strategic bridge between these three critical business functions. Our expertise, our relationships and our fully developed holistic view provide you with a truly unique context and complete understanding as you execute on your growth strategy. We do so under Concierge Strategies, Capital Partners and Transatlantic  

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Tread Global is leading the industry for sustainable child-resistant (CR) primary containers and packaging for cannabis, cannabis beverages, and CBD products; offering primary package custom design, mass manufacturing, and child-resistant testing.


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