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Back in the day, having a website for your business was just a nice option. It was just like having your company listed in the daily classifieds (remember those?). It may have helped get your name out, but not having a website back then did not spell death for your business.

Nowadays, a website is a necessity. It’s more than a statement of digital relevance. Websites establish credibility, improve company reputation, provide an avenue for advertising and promotions, and even function as a tool to carry out customer service.

For some companies, like for e-commerce and data-exchange services, a website is the business. In this model, a website functions as the platform where the business and customers transact and often where the point-of-sale happens.

In this arrangement, the website must be dependable at all times – and that’s quite literally “at all times.” This measure is called uptime. On the other hand, the brief moments when a website becomes functionally inaccessible are called downtimes. Downtimes can potentially lose a business its revenue, and estimates put the loss at hundreds of thousands of dollars of unrealized revenue per hour. Why is that?, a web-design service trusted by entrepreneurs, small business owners, and start-ups, explains the intricacies of website design. has created scores of fairly priced but high-value websites that not only look sleek and fresh but are also optimized for the most positive user experience.

According to, the most critical time for visitor retention is the first couple of minutes of website access. It’s about ease of entry. If a website loads slower than two minutes, more than half of the visitors won’t stay long to see what happens and they quickly move on to another site. This act is called “bounce” and high bounce rates with very low average times on a page are the bane of website visitor statistics. Visitors can be out of your site as soon as they went in.

Slow load times are also considered downtime and it’s just as bad for business. A low number of visitors lingering on a site means a lower probability of converting them into paying customers. stresses that fast load time is a critical aspect of website design and web hosting. Many other web hosting providers have been crippled by being unable to compensate for a sudden influx of visitors. has a multi-approach solution to this.

First, landing pages are designed to be lean enough to allow seconds of load time while having enough content to entice visitors to spend more time to look around. Additionally,’s hosting service is robust enough to support reasonably sized web pages even in times of extremely high demand. This means that adequate server provisions are always ready for allocation at a moment’s notice. This is how ensures above 99.97% uptime. is very good at providing high upload speed and bandwidth to accommodate visitor volume surges. It also offers a large storage space for whatever purpose a website may need. has enough disc space to accommodate websites that are heavy on images, Flash and JavaScript programs – even in multiple-hosting scenarios for single clients. can also provide hundreds of email boxes per account. offers the latest in features and technology. Its web hosting services utilize up-to-date tools to support the latest sub-domains, scripting languages, databases, and multiple platforms, including Windows, iOS and Android systems.

In recent years, web browsing on mobile devices had surpassed in number browsing on desktop computers and laptops. Web hosting services must be able to accommodate this market development; for, it’s just part of its standard service.

Lastly, a good web hosting service must have security and back-up measures to further ensure uninterrupted service. In terms of security, implements strict protocols to prevent hackers from accessing its servers remotely. Moreover, round-the-clock human security firmly restricts physical server access. Server locations are also provisioned with power and network back-ups to ensure service continuity.

It’s easy to see how acquired great trust from businesses seeking the best website experience for their customers. operates with an emphasis on reliability.

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