Coffee Plz Co Brewing Company Opens New Business Website for Shoppers To Purchase Coffee and Machines Online

Coffee Plz Co is a Coffee Brewing Company Based out of Florida that has a fine very rare type of Coffee Blends. One of the Coffee Beans is from El Purutal Columbia but not a normal part of Columbia. El Purutal is an ancient area of Columbia that is near the year 9,000 BC where it has been said that the aborigines were harvesting their own coffee beans and brewing as well as eating the beans in that time.

Ancient Coffee is a big seller in the United State but it is a very rare find to find a brewery or a bean wholesaler. Coffee Plz Co is one in a billion of a find for you to order the bean and to drink the bean itself. “We also at Coffee Plz Co don’t have a lot of publicity and have kept the bean in the family for years but are now excited to share with everyone,” says Marie Studman the brewery manager. After you brew the bean you can add Sugar, Chocolate, Caramel and your favorite toppings to it as well.

It has also been said that there are other famous Coffee Beans like the cat that eats the beans that are so rare that the indian farmers collect the cat droppings and farm them. These beans are said to be the most expensive coffee beans in the world if you can actually find them and order them or find their location. Shopping for coffee and bean locations go hand in hand and matter a lot in these times. This brand would be called Kopi Luwak a Cat like creature who lives in Bali Indonesia and eats the coffee bean, digests it and then poops it out. A Cup of this coffee runs about $70 per cup.

Coffee Plz Co is not trying to become the world’s next digesting animal coffee but we sure do keep our beans fresh with Ancient historical love shared with animals and humans from long ago. We do keep price and rarity in our blends.

Try some today at our website We thank you!

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