CHEZdotSANTANA Of Salisbury, NC Officially Signs With Rankup Ent/ Sony Music The Orchard

Chinchez Rankin is an American Rapper better known by his stage name CHEZdotSANTANA. He started writing music at the age of ten and found his knack for performing and Ainding his artistry in his music career as a member of the group “GGritty GGods”.

He became popular for his wordplay, raw lyrics, and cutthroat delivery. Signed to Rank Up Entertainment, Chez shortly went solo with his Airst mixtape Procrastination Killz Volume 1. Following his debut mixtape, he released an EP album named “2AM IN SHOTZBURY” release in October 2018 with songs like “The Juice” and “Time Will Heal” that landed him on the Billboard charts within the week of his release. Committed to delivering constant heat, CHEZdotSANTANA has released a host of mixtapes and singles such as “Not So Humble”, “All Gas No Brakez” , “Do it For Me” etc.

CHEZdotSANTANA’s primary goal is to carve his own lane and bring his style of artistry to the game while staying true to his Salisbury roots.

With all that being said CHEZdotSANTANA is now poised to take the next step in his music career by signing a major distribution deal with Sony/ Orchard while under the RankUp Entertainment umbrella. With this major backing and marketing behind him he’s looking like he’s ready to take his career to the next level. So be on the lookout for the Airst single to be dropping soon.


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