Announcing The Launch Of One-of-a-kind Music Memorabilia And Rare Studio Gear Marketplace, ANALOGr

Auction items include Radiohead’s “OK Computer” drum kit, many personal items from The Beatles, studio gear from mega producers, Al Schmitt & Michael Beinhorn, and instruments from Jerry Garcia

Los Angeles, California – ANALOGr, rare studio gear and one-of-a-kind music memorabilia marketplace dedicated to archiving and telling the fantastic stories of historically valuable musical items, is announcing its launch today. ANALOGr was developed to address and resolve several legacy issues in the auction and music memorabilia spaces, namely: unreasonable buyer fees and consignor costs, unfair power imbalances, and the frequent “volume over quality” ethos.

“As collectors first, we worked alongside artists and some of the largest music collectors in the world to create ANALOGr,” says Thomas Scriven, the Founder and CEO of ANALOGr. “We listened to their previous experiences at other auction houses and built a better system for major collectors that we all trust. Likened to asset managers, we are in long term partnerships with our collectors and their collections with a focus on archival preservation. The ANALOGr platform provides the most flexible and collaborative scenario for buyers and sellers through public and private offerings, timed sales events, monetized exhibits, NFTs, and fractional ownership. We understand emerging technology as a sales solution and create options for our clients on an item by item basis.”

ANALOGr provides access to a highly curated collection of music-related assets from some of pop culture’s most important moments. The easy-to-use platform contains a diverse selection of rare, one-of-a-kind studio gear and memorabilia that anyone can view and bid on. All items available on the ANALOGr platform are sold without any buyer premium fees. Once a consignor has chosen the winning bid for a given item, the auction closes and the item along with its updated provenance records are delivered to the buyer. The ANALOGr marketplace has handled over $3 million in sales through word of mouth alone, with 95 percent of sales being completed without any timed element and for up to 30 percent less cost than competitors. 

Unlike typical auction houses that are driven by commissions from timed auctions, ANALOGr is aligned with the consignor in maximizing value through true collaboration in the editorial, reserve pricing, sales channel, and final say on the acceptance of all winning bids. In exchange for ANALOGR’s services (including travel, storage, insurance, shipping, packing, photography, video production, editorial, sales events, marketing and PR) consignors pay a flat percentage. 

The company’s mission is to tell the story of each item through its owner’s passionate relationship with it, which is evidenced by the thorough records and detailed descriptions included in every listing. A fundamental component of this mission is to act as historical archivists of musical items, chronicling each piece’s unique journey in order to show the world the true story of these amazing artifacts. The ANALOGr team acts as an advocate for the inclusion of consignors and dedicates every resource to providing a truly boutique concierge service.

“Every picture tells a story, as does every instrument, machine, vinyl, outfit, or keepsake,” adds Francis Porter, the co-founder and COO of ANALOGr. “Capturing the essential stories reverberating from these objects through investigation, verification, and production is our north star. Beyond just authenticating, our approach creates more value for our consignors by focusing on the emotional gravity of these historic items associated with pop culture’s iconic moments.”

ANALOGr’s founding team possesses a wealth of relevant experience: 

Thomas Scriven – An avid collector of historic recording gear and music memorabilia, Scriven has several world records in the category of music at auction. Scriven holds several patents as a technology company founder and has worked as a Manager and A&R in the music business. 

Francis Porter – With a background in production and technology, Porter taps on his career experience for ANALOGr by combining the storytelling of production with the end user focus of technology. Porter has won awards as a documentarian, founded a Substance Use Disorder intervention platform, and worked with leading technologists in product management.

There are currently 800 one-of-a-kind items available on ANALOGr, notable among them:

    ● Radiohead’s “OK Computer” Premier drum kit signed by all members

    ● Randy Rhoads “Lost” prototype Jackson RR3 Guitar featured in Guitar World (2007/2022)

    ● John Lennon’s childhood desk and chair

    ● First Neve “80 Series” recording console (hand-built by Rupert Neve in 1968) which recorded Soundgarden’s “Superunknown” and many Michael Beinhorn productions. Serial #6712

    ● Assorted stage cabinets from Grateful Dead’s “Wall of Sound

All items can be viewed and bid on at

ANALOGr differs from the traditional memorabilia and auction spaces through its enhanced priority on managing the assets of its collectors with a long term approach, as well as through the flexibility and collaboration it offers consignors over the sales process.

Due to the company’s unparalleled selection of iconic items, the enhanced collaboration and control afforded to its consignors, and its unwavering dedication to the comprehensive archiving and chronicling of the stories and history of these important musical artifacts, ANALOGr is revolutionizing the auction and memorabilia spaces while providing a markedly improved service for music memorabilia and studio gear owners, collectors, and enthusiasts. 


ANALOGr is the destination for highly curated, music-related assets of pop culture’s most important moments. ANALOGr partners with the world’s leading artists, collectors, and estates to tell the inside stories of their unobtainium. We travel the globe in search of these one-of-a-kind artifacts to present them to the world. Our platform connects artists, collectors, and fans with a mutual love for the iconic assets of music history. ANALOGr is dedicated to the comprehensive archival and chronicling of some of music’s most amazing stories.

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