How Can a Magic Headscarf Transform Outdoor Adventures?

The versatile magic headscarf, as the name suggests, is a multi-functional and multi-style outdoor sports headscarf. It is one of the essential equipment for outdoor travel. It has many functions and can be used as a sun protection headscarf, windproof mask, sun protection mask, headband, and more. More practical functions are waiting for your development.

Through some simple operations, it can change into various styles and uses, such as headscarves, scarves, masks, pirate hats, eye masks, Islamic headscarves, etc. It can block wind and sand, absorb sweat, block sunlight, and can also fix hair for ladies with long hair, and even be used as a small vest.

The use of headscarves is very diverse, the most common are decoration, dust protection, warmth, sweat wiping, etc. Below are N many usage methods for your reference.

Let’s start from the “head” and see what kind of magic the headscarf can change on our body…

The most original way of headscarf, just put it on your head. The part hanging down at the back can also be knotted.

You can also wrap your hair like an Islamic woman with a headscarf, feeling mysterious.

Turn the headscarf over, put it on your ears and eyebrows, straighten the extra part, rotate it a few times, turn it over, and wrap it on your head. The double-layer melon skin hat is made, quite like the landlord Lao Cai.  It’s very warm in winter.

Fold the headscarf into a double layer, put it on your head, and pull your hair out. The width of the headband can be adjusted.

Use the headscarf to tie your hair round and round, as long as you can tie a ponytail, you can do this.

After some seemingly complicated operations of folding and turning out, you will be as handsome as the Caribbean pirates with a pirate hat.

Use the headscarf to wrap your head and face, only showing your eyes, breathable and windproof, very effective in the desert, windy days or snow fields.

When cycling or climbing, wearing a helmet and sweating is not a good feeling. Tie the headscarf on your head as a lining, and all troubles are solved.

Unless you are alone in the world, otherwise traveling far and near is always in groups of three or five. Two people sharing a standard room is the most common thing. If you are used to going to bed early, but you are embarrassed to ask the night owl roommate to turn off the lights. Wrap the headscarf around your eyes, it becomes a temporary eye mask, and it also comes in handy.

Put it on your neck, and the great work is done. The style is cool, and the snow can’t get in. Beauty does not freeze people.

On the basis of the scarf, just pull the headscarf under your eyes, and your ears are also covered, warm.

Wrap it around your wrist in three or two circles, and the headscarf now acts as a buffer and then a wrist guard. Especially when you can’t free up a second hand, wipe your face with the headscarf wrapped around your wrist, and all the sweat is absorbed.

Wristband. Guys and girls who like to dress up, pay attention, this is a great way to attract attention.

Wrap the headscarf that represents your personality on your arm, full of modeling sense, and it does not affect sports.

Tube top. This doesn’t need to be said much, MM with a good figure can wear it as a vest, full of elasticity and bright patterns, absolutely sexy. Of course, men who want to make fun of it will also be “laughing” when they put it on.

Waist protection. Suddenly catching a cold causes old waist pain. It is a good emergency method to put the headscarf on the waist to keep warm. You can also stuff socks and tissues into it according to the degree of warmth. This method is also suitable for joints that are prone to cold.

Short skirt. This method is an emergency method, and those with bad figures should not try. But some people use two headscarves to wear as swimsuits separately on the top and bottom, and the effect seems to be okay.

Glove substitute. Walking in muddy or dense mountains often requires climbing with hands and feet. It’s not a good taste to have dirty palms or intimate contact with bugs. Pull the headscarf on your wrist down and wrap it around your palm. After perfectly wrapping it, the dry and comfortable feeling is pretty good.

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